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Maximus is 4 years old, and still a shoulder kitty.

It's always cute. However, how am I supposed to concentrate with a cuddly kitty on my shoulders?


Jun. 7th, 2007 09:21 pm
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I need to figure out how to train cats to vomit in the bathroom. Or just anywhere non-carpet. But no. Cats seemed pre-disposed to urp on the berber. Granted, my house is mostly carpet. So I suppose it is statistically likely that I'll be mining cat-hack from the fiber on my floor. Still, I wish they had a natural predisposition to go jump in my tub, or something. Then I could just wipe up the big stuff, and hose the rest down.

A girl can dream.
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Herb Garden, Week One Herb Garden, Week One
Here are two containers of herbs that reside under my window sill. Thyme is up front, then Cinnamon Basil, then Parsley (Italian), then Oregano at the far end.
Herb Garden 2, Week One Herb Garden 2, Week One
Another photo of the herbs, but with a different focus.
Sascha On the new Cat Tree, featuring pink poofy thing Sascha On the new Cat Tree, featuring pink poofy thing
Nothing says springtime like brandishing a pink puff over the head of your beloved feline.
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It's 6:45, the time I normally think about getting up, and 45 minutes before I actually get up.

I'm bathed, now I must dress and hit the road. My cats are looking at me like I'm a loon. They sprawl on my bed in a state of warm splendor while I run around deciding what to wear.

They try to convince me that getting up at this time is madness and that sleeping in is good for the soul. Well, that's what they look like they are saying.

Max attempts passive resistance by staging a nap-in on my work pants.

Sascha is cuddling up with my shoes.

Demonic little beasties.

I hope everyone is having a grand day! The good news is, it's nearly the weekend. The bad news is, it doesn't feel like it.
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I woke up this morning and new something was wrong. My cats were not in my midst. They are my two furry satellites. They are in my orbit whenever I wake up.

A brief search showed that they had trapped themselves in the guest bathroom. Likely a result of their wrestling proclivities. I open the door and they look at me like I was punishing them.

"Don't look at me my little predators," I said, "I was sound asleep!"


It feels like a hot friday morning. Time to bathe and get to work.

This will be a bad week for me being social. City of Heroes is offering double xp points this weekend. Heh.
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While sitting on my sofa, entering sales figures for [livejournal.com profile] fireflygames, Maximus the Blind was on the ottoman, hanging out. Sascha was laying next to me, assuming the cute sleeping position.

Sascha began to snore. This fact did not go unnoticed by Maximus. Slowly Maximus turned around. Step by step by step by step, he crept towards the snoring noise. He approached Sascha and delicately sniffed the snoring mass.

Maximus seemed to be making a decision on his next move. He stepped back a bit, then hopped up on his hind legs and pounced upon Sascha.

Sascha awoke with a start and a squeal and smacked Maximus upside the head once. Maximus proceeded to groom Sascha and then politely excuse himself elswhere in the house. Sascha resumed his napping formation, until he heard strange noises from the South Park episode I was watching. He is now in a state of mild alert.

This has been an episode of "This Day in Catstory."


Dec. 3rd, 2005 10:45 pm
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Maximus by the fire.
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I've Sascha and Maximus have been delightful neutered life partners for a just over two years, now. I thought I should post a "Then and Now" pair of photos.

One of their first wrestling matches:

I never get tired of that picture of them. But look at how small Maximus was!

And now:

This was just after Maximus was grooming Sascha's paws. Maximus has now exceeded Sascha's size.
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I have one of these

and I know how to use it!

Interestingly enough, the Sacramento Natural Food Co-op is selling this for the same price that Amazon sells it. Nice!

Maximus the Blind Wonderkitty has indulged his afternoon cat crazies by jumping up, down, over and around the ottoman in my living room. Now he lays upon it, savoring his victory over said ottoman.


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