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I still feel a bit below the weather. I've started the laundry, unpacked a bit, taken some anti-mucous medication, and made some coffee. Other objectives for today: goofing off, Dave Matthews Band concert, and buying lots and lots of kleenex. Guess who needs kleenex more than ever and is running out? That's right. Ms. Snifflehacklekinz here.

I am trying my first batch of beans from the Coffee Shop of Horrors, introduced to me by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] zorathenne and [livejournal.com profile] firewalker138 while marauding through the dealer's room. I have commemorated my first sips of this coffee. So far, it has a fantastic aroma and flavor. We'll see how it measures up to the buzz factor.

Coffee Photos and a gratuitous pussy shot! )

I hope everyone has a grand day. I'll get some more photos from Dragoncon up later!
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It is simply beautiful here in Elk Grove. The temperature was just perfect for a lovely morning walk. I returned home to prepare the kitchen for some culinary pursuits. This would include a pot of coffee.

But I think my coffee maker just broke.

Perhaps some Elk Grovites heard my anguished cry this morning.
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I have one of these

and I know how to use it!

Interestingly enough, the Sacramento Natural Food Co-op is selling this for the same price that Amazon sells it. Nice!

Maximus the Blind Wonderkitty has indulged his afternoon cat crazies by jumping up, down, over and around the ottoman in my living room. Now he lays upon it, savoring his victory over said ottoman.

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Have I meantioned that Peet's Coffee is open at last in Elk Grove? Bzzzzzz. I've had their cup of coffee two days in a row. They must roast their beans with cocaine.

While driving into work at the "early" hour of 11:30am today, I fell in behind a old Pontiac Bonneville. It was Primer Black, and lowered to the ground. On the back were some leters that I could not decipher, as well as a lovely technicolor picture of the Virgin Mary. Oh, the stories that Virgin Mary could tell about those drivers.

Regardless, I got some ideas on how I can redecorate my Prius. Of course I already have similar tacky decorations, given my carpool lane stickers.

Ah, the Carpool Lane Access Decals. Yes, my heart breaks when I think about their permanence on my vehicle. However, they don't look as bad as I thought they would. Furthermore, my commutes have been *awesome*.

I have some television to catch up on. I plan on marathoning season 1 of "Lost" so I can catch up to season 2 properly.

I am thinking of taking Friday off work. Yesss.

Despite obnoxiously late nights at work, I'm in good spirits. I still have my health, I've got good friends, good toys, and now, thanks to Peet's, good coffee.

I hope all of you are having a good day!
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Construction of the exterior of the mini-strip mall is complete. I estimate Peet's will be available in two months.

Oh, and T minus 24 days 'til Book Six!


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