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I took some time off studying this evening and goofed around on City of Heroes. I created The Eternal Flyer. Essentially, she's the ghost of Amelia Earhardt. This character will be getting some wings when the new City of Heroes issue comes out.

Anyway, [livejournal.com profile] newbabel joined me for some missions and he really dug my character costume. During one mission, he asked me to take a look at myself because I was looking rather ghostly in the lighting of the cave. When I changed my camera angle, I was greeted with this view:
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I woke up this morning and new something was wrong. My cats were not in my midst. They are my two furry satellites. They are in my orbit whenever I wake up.

A brief search showed that they had trapped themselves in the guest bathroom. Likely a result of their wrestling proclivities. I open the door and they look at me like I was punishing them.

"Don't look at me my little predators," I said, "I was sound asleep!"


It feels like a hot friday morning. Time to bathe and get to work.

This will be a bad week for me being social. City of Heroes is offering double xp points this weekend. Heh.
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Martini Night was reasonable tonight. The martinis tasted better than the hors d'oeuvres, with the exception of the dessert, which was luscious. The first course was a dirty martini with a shrimp and olive stuffed cucumber. Cilantro was involved.

Nope. I still don't like green olives or dirty martinis.

Next up was a peach martini with a peach and fig crostini topped with feta cheese and a balsamic reduction sauce. Tasty

This was followed by a melon martini and some melon-wrapped prosciutto. The melon wasn't ripe enough, imho.

Cod cakes was next. Like crabcakes but...coddy. A lemon drop martini was provided with this little treat.

The dessert was chocolate mousse with whipped cream swirled through it topped with brownie bits. That was decadent. The martini accompanying this had a chocolate liqueur in it, but also smelled of Amaretto. Or maybe that was me.

Overall, the evening was full of delightful conversation and friends.

In other news, the security system wasted a lot of my time today. I hope to be closer tomorrow.

MajorMajorMajor is up to level 5 now, and here she is posing with Mr. Fuzzlebuzzoms:
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So, I've reunited with an old college buddy to play City of Heroes and City of Villains.

He had a villain on Victory named "Mister Existential". A level 15 Mastermind. He has three minions he calls the "Beatnik Boys": Kierkegaard, Sartre, and Heidegger. I am amused.

So I created his sidekick, Ms. Objectivist, and patterned her after Ayn Rand. Her battle cry is "Meeeeeeee!"

Good fun. I don't think my buddy knows that Ayn Rand wanted to call Objectivism something else, namely "Existentialism", but since the name was already taken, she was stuck with Objectivism. Don't be surprised if Ms. Objectivism eventually seeks to destroy Mister Existential. Hmmmm.-

Also from the City of Heroes pettiness files:
I was adventuring as Miss Redd, my level 14 Defender (now 15, thankyouverymuch) a few days ago. A group invited me out of the blue. I was promptly teleported to their location, hundreds of feet in the air. When that happens, you see your character fall to his/her near death. I was teleported over two groups of bad guys while I was in mid-run. The fall takes all but one hit point. I was not enthused.

I'm all in favor of practical jokes, but only for people you "know" and have come to build a bit of a working relationship with. The person who teleported me was so cocky about doing it that I was annoyed to high heaven. After a brief banter where I asked politely why I was teleported in midair, and mentioned I nearly died from the presence of powerful "bad guys", this person was not remorseful in any way. So I advised that I would heal her last. She brightly replied, "I can heal, too!".

I said nothing and we continued on our mission. Our first fight was pretty rough and I was keeping all the other folks alive. I noticed that the hostile teleporter was getting pummelled and losing her hit points. I continued to concentrate on the others 'cause, you know, she can heal, and watched her die. After the melee, I resurrected her, because I'm not that vindictive. But I made my point.


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