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As much as I don't like Vista, it's much better about adding networked printers.
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Apparently, there's been a bru-ha-ha on the apple support boards about the white Macbooks. After about a 3 weeks of use, there shows a discoloration around where the wrists would rest on the unit.

Well, thankfully, Apple is now accepting responsibility for it as a Manufacturer's defect.

This is good news, since I have decided to sell my current ibook to a friend whose laptop suffered a sudden death. I'll use the proceeds of the sale to offset the costs of my new macbook. :-)

So, [livejournal.com profile] taogrl will get:
-1 ibook g4 with 1.2 gb of ram.
-1 bluetooth dongle--she can use this with any bluetooth device she might ultimately acquire, be it a pda or cell phone.
-1 plastic keyboard cover
-1 Laptop bag for a 12" ibook.
-1 charge unit, with extension cable.
-recovery diskets
-whatever software I have on there, minus all my porn.*

I just ordered my new baby tonight, and it should arrive in a week.

Work today ended up being longer than anticipated. Drum lessons were educational as always.

I think I got drunk dialed tonight. He sounded pretty tipsy.

I've renewed my City of Heroes account again. Currently I created a defender on the Victory server for a few friends who needed one. Her name is "Miss Redd". She's up to level 9, and has only died twice so far!

That's it for now. Bed awaits.

ETA: Oops,I pasted the wrong link. An entirely wrong link. It is now corrected.


Feb. 10th, 2006 11:14 am
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Laptop hard drive platters shatter like glass if you're trying to destroy them.

The desktop hard drives seem like they are made of a more malleable material. But laptop platters. They go poof.
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So, I was doing some research in how to remotely access my windows box in my study from my ibook laptop, which is usually wherever I am, mostly in the bedroom or living room. Why? Mainly I want to control my iTunes to start playing music, which broadcasts to my stereo via an Airport Express.

After talking to my local friends who have excessive expertise in this matter, they told me of:
TightVNC: I installed the server on my windows box.
Chicken of the VNC: installed the client on my ibook to access the windows box.

There's a little delay, but to just navigate iTunes and skip a song, or select a new playlist, or see what song is playing if I don't recognize the title, it works just fine. Like now. Apparently Kitaro's Magical Wave is playing, and I've not heard it enough to recognize the title. In fact, I didn't realize I had that song. It must have been during those wild, drunken nights of music downloading.

Another friend suggested I look into something akin to icecasts, but that requires further investigation.


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