Friday Off!

Oct. 5th, 2007 11:46 am
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Ostensibly, this is to go see the Shin's concert tonight in Berkeley. But I'll be heading out early to check out a few stores and get dinner. A, who also bought tickets will be meeting [ profile] textivore and I there. Some coworkers of mine will also be there.

Now to take care of some other things before I leave town.
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Hey, did anyone else who attended notice that one of the camera men had some issues with his camera. There were two to three times where I caught the camera look like it was dropping while it was still rolling.

I figure they weren't cutting to the next shot properly, or the camerman kept tripping.

Anyone else catch this? It showed up on the screen on the far right most frequently, if I recall correctly.
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[ profile] brittadotcom already filled in her adventures, so I'll add my chronicle of the trip.

The Report )
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Well, guess what: after today's events, I am one now.

The Police ruled. The asshat sitting next to me texting and calling friends did not. The woman sort of in front of me with ill-favored hair and bad dancing skills did not. The dude smoking weed in front of me...well, he kinda grew on me.
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If so, [ profile] brittadotcom has two tickets for sale. C'mon! You know you want an impromptu trip to Oakland!

As for those of us who are going, since dinner probably is a little too complex to grab dinner beforehand, but if you want to try and meet up before the concert, let me know, and we can exchange cell phone numbers. I suppose [ profile] taogrl and I will try to get there at 5:30pm. We are in section 119, Row 9.


Nov. 15th, 2006 08:26 am
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Yes, my social calendar picked up a we tad, in conjunction with the Holidays.

I must make a note to self: it's time to go a-gag-gift shoppin' for some white-elephant gift exhanges.

The Dixie Chicks put on a great show. Martie and Emily are fantastic musicians. And they did that whole show in High Heels. Holy cow.

Their encore was great fun, as well. Most amusing to me was how gleeful they looked when singing "Goodbye Earl". The audience got into it, too, proving that there are certain people based on certain situations who "need killin'".

Secondarily amusing was Natalie Maines dedicated a song to Kevin Federline, and then launched into White Trash Wedding.

They also played some of their newer songs: Lullabye, Nice, Long Way Around.

And for some interesting trivia I was unaware of, Natalie Maines is married to Adrian Pasdar, who plays the jerk politician in Heroes.
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I'll be seeing two concerts in September, now.

I got tix on preorder for Dave Matthews Band on September 6th at Raley field. I'll be on the field, section 25, row 1. I have two tickets for that venue, I just have to choose my hot date. Here's the seating chart.

September 8th will take me to the Arco Arena. I just purchased 5 tickets for the Dixie Chicks. I acquired seats in section 101, row V, seats 7-11. No seats were available on the main floor, so I presume all those got snapped up on fan pre-order. Here's the seating chart.


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