Jul. 15th, 2005 09:18 am
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I'm working from home a wee bit this morning. I had a certification test to take, and things are so nuts at work, I couldn't concentrate without interruption at work. So, I took the test, and passed. No large feat, I tell you.

Anyway, time to shower and prep for work.
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This weekend progressed too quickly. Tonight I returned from San Francisco where I saw Les Miserables for the fourth time. I now realize the acting troop that performs Les Miz seems to modify certain aspects for the sake of fun. Each time, the troop appears to get more baudy with their ad libbing. If Les Miz continues to play for the next 10 years, I predict that the baudiness shall escalate to live sex on stage between the Thenardiers.

My amigo Sven showed me his highly patched version of the Sims while I was at his apartment today. Apparently, there's a nudity patch such that you can see the naked bodies of the sims. Unfortunately, the men are not well endowed. When the Simlings go to University, there's an option fof them to streak. That is rather funny to behold, for they wave their arms around, stop, do some bad break dancing and booty wiggling, and then sprint. And the Woohoo! Patch is rather funny, too.


Jul. 7th, 2005 08:36 am
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These are some enjoyable quotes that showed up in my google page this morning:

When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad, and that is my religion.
- Abraham Lincoln

I believe that a scientist looking at nonscientific problems is just as dumb as the next guy.
- Richard Feynman

Life at Casa de Anne has been somewhat busy, but good. I have recovered from my weekend of socializing and music playing. I have been experimenting with my concept of Canary Creams, which will be a cream puff approach. Yet I shall endeavor to make animal shaped cream puffs. Last night I ran a few tests. I need to control the amount of puff-stuff I put into the animal shaped cutter, first off. Also, I need to cook them a little longer. The metal cutters survived well in the oven. Next week I shall make a variety of custards and fill the puffs.
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Just one day more, and the weekend arrives.

What's been going on the last few days? I made the cake I spoke of earlier this week, and it was well received. Also, something really didn't sit well with me after lunch on tuesday, and I was violently ill tuesday night. Needless to say, baking a cake while feeling gastronomically ill is a little annoying.

I watched Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days last night. It is on FX, and I recommend it. Each episode is an hour long documentary that captures 30 days of experiencing some different aspect of life. He and his wife previously did 30 days on minimum wage. Last Night's episode was 30 days taking steroids and growth hormones for a 34 year old man who wanted to return to the physique of his youth. After two weeks of the regimen, his liver started failing, and he became sterile. Nice work.

The new bongos arrived, and they are fun to bang around on. Yet another addition in my slow collection of accoustic percussion. :-)

[ profile] taogrl and I spoke of our next big travel trip. We're looking for some place to go to during her birthday in the next few years. Perhaps Scotland and Ireland, or Australia and New Zealand. Time to start planning.
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Yesterday was a fairly productive day.

I worked, which is always good, since it supports my rock 'n roll lifestyle. What does my rock 'n roll lifestyle entail right now? Apparently, it involves me investing in various percussion instruments. The bongos should be delivered today.

I worked out at the gym, which was nice, healthwise. I promptly headed home, then walked to the store to fetch some groceries for the cake I will be making for my mother's coworker. Groceries acquired, plus more exercise = a good thing.

I then worked on making some royal icing flowers for said cake. I was going for a pink cactus flower, but I don't think I captured the essence of this flower properly. Nonetheless, it looks like a flower. it should go well enough with the little Saguaros I made the other day. Tonight is cakeapalooza, where I'll bake the cake, frost it, and decorate it. Much work to be done in the kitchen tonight.

After that, I did some drum practice. I built a click track that would last the average length of a nutwalls song, that way I can mess around with tempos and work on song-length endurance. I did some practice of that, as well. However, I did not last long last night, I was quite tired.

So, onward with today. T minus 26 days 'till Book 6. Yes, I'm obsessed. Hopefully another shiny object shall come to replace that.

Oh, and one more thing. The latest Tomato Nation article is out. Sars is doing another Girls Bike Club piece. She walks a fine line here, because she speaks of the vapidity of the objects of her ire at such length that she might ultimately become what she satires. Meta-vapidity. That said, it's still pretty funny to imagine Stephen King saying,

"Did I mention I got hit by a van? A van...load OF WISDOM?"

Have a good day, folks.


Jun. 17th, 2005 06:07 pm
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Tonight portends to be fairly mellow. First, I shall engage in a much needed gym visit.

Then, the plan shall be:
-Return home, tackle kitchen.
-Long for the existence of obedient house elves to keep my house clean.
-Lament fact that reality is not a Harry Potter book.
-Snap out of silly reverie.
-Resume cleaning kitchen.
-Drum Practice
-Finish re-reading book five of the Harry Potter series.
-Engage in muted squeals of glee at prospect of new book in less than one month's time.
-Practice drums.
-Go to bed.


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