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[livejournal.com profile] patricks's gaming company, Firefly Games is having a free adventure gift to for his Faery's Tale rpg. It's called "It Happened One Christmas". Get the free adventure, and check out the game. It's great for your the whole gamer geek family!
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It is good.

And it's fun to see Kristin Bell's visage and hear her voice in the game. But since watching the last Heroes episode, I feel the need to be wary.
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On Sunday, the ol' rpg crew got together and played a Zombies rpg using the rules system of Savage Worlds. Here's a rundown by one of the members of the adventuring team, Maksim. In his write-up, you'll find a copy of the description of my character, Fawn. I think my character wins for most unique character. I made her an art student. I did not pass up the opportunity to lampoon San Francisco and the unique individuals who inhabit the City.

It was fun to gather with the crew, and I do enjoy the Savage Worlds rules system. I recommend it.


Jun. 26th, 2007 12:53 am
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I've had a Wii for a few weeks now.

I highly recommend one. It's great fun. The Wii Sports is worth its weight in gold alone.

That said, the Wii is a stern taskmaster. There is a "Wii Fitness" option where it tests your fitness level in three exercises that involve random combinations of their sports(baseball, tennis, bowling, golf, boxing). After throwing you through the virtual meat grinder, it calculates your fitness age.

The first time I took the test, it was given a fitness age of 65.

Surely that was beginner's luck. A few tries later, not much better. Then yesterday. 80. Yes, I blew the boxing exercise.

Now, if my fitness age is equivalent to that of an 80 year old japanese person, then I figure I'm ahead of the game.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Today featured a punching bag test and some bowling exercises. When it comes to bowling and punching the stuffing out of inanimate objects, I'm 34.

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D Rumsfeld, a new Mastermind on COH D Rumsfeld, a new Mastermind on COH
I created this new character today for the Liberty Server on COH. I like how he turned out. I think the resemblance is stunning.

It's worthy to note that the face and hands chosen were those of the "zombie" line of toon features in City of Heroes. I used Vampire ears, as well.
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So I played Saint's Row for the first time last night on my Xbox. It has a similar feel. I enjoyed it. It will be a nice outlet for frustration.

I borrowed Tomb Raider Legends from Gamefly. I wasn't too enthused. Back it goes.

Crackdown also looks good, as it was developed by the some of the folks who designed GTA. This time you play a "supercop". I downloaded the Demo off Xbox Live.

[livejournal.com profile] taogrl is coming over soon.

Currently I'm having a nice Sunday morning. I did some much needed straightening out of the domicile. No, it's far from perfect, but some clutter was sorted and cast aside, and some vacuuming was done.
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Martini Night was reasonable tonight. The martinis tasted better than the hors d'oeuvres, with the exception of the dessert, which was luscious. The first course was a dirty martini with a shrimp and olive stuffed cucumber. Cilantro was involved.

Nope. I still don't like green olives or dirty martinis.

Next up was a peach martini with a peach and fig crostini topped with feta cheese and a balsamic reduction sauce. Tasty

This was followed by a melon martini and some melon-wrapped prosciutto. The melon wasn't ripe enough, imho.

Cod cakes was next. Like crabcakes but...coddy. A lemon drop martini was provided with this little treat.

The dessert was chocolate mousse with whipped cream swirled through it topped with brownie bits. That was decadent. The martini accompanying this had a chocolate liqueur in it, but also smelled of Amaretto. Or maybe that was me.

Overall, the evening was full of delightful conversation and friends.

In other news, the security system wasted a lot of my time today. I hope to be closer tomorrow.

MajorMajorMajor is up to level 5 now, and here she is posing with Mr. Fuzzlebuzzoms:
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