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The Trey Chair.

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Attention Tivo owners! If you're not keeping track of the [livejournal.com profile] tivolovers community or the Tivolovers site , then you'll miss out on the weekendly Amazon unboxed specials, where you can get 99 cent downloads, etc. I myself am checking out "Catch and Release", "Astronaut Farmer" and "Neverending Story" (Yes, I never saw that in its entirety).

The Tivolovers site also has some interesting links on Blu-ray versus HD discs. Blu-ray appears to be taking the lead.

I'm still going to wait it out. But gee whiz, I'm getting the itch to buy a dvd player that supports one of those formats. But no, I'll hold off. Part of me thinks that Xbox and Playstation picked a format so that they would help guarantee that folks would have both of their consoles in the house. It would cost the same as a dual format dvd player, currently.

In other nerdly consumerism news, I am patiently waiting for 1TB drives to go down in price, and then I'll want to upgrade my Tivo Series 3 to a 1TB system giving me 131 hours-144 hours of shows in HD.
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750 Things Mr. Welch can no longer do in an RPG.

Yesterday was a busy day. Didn't get home 'til after midnight.

Today proves to be busy again. And then tomorrow! But, as was the case on Wednesday, I'll be having fun in the evenings. Sunday proves to involve overtime.

As the days near to October, I find I will officially be 35 in a few weeks time. Beware the Ides of October. Do I have anything planned at this juncture? No. Though someone's trying to convince me to have a threesome with liquor and a hottub. That's not too wise, but me in a hot tub sounds just fine.

So, how is your day going?
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Dinner: A roasted garlic, mushroom and sausage pasta dish, with kamut spiral noodles (the italian word for this pasta style escapes me, and I'm too lazy to go find out), some red wine (Nerello Del Bastardo--with a name like Bastardo, it's gotta be good).

I've acquired a copy of xp pro, and I'm acquiring a copy of Boot camp. It's time to play with dual bootie action on the macbook.

I've created a Supergroup in my City of Villains game on the Victory Server. Mr. Existential and Ms. Objectivist have teamed up to create the Salon Supergroup. Their motto is "We think, therefore you must die." Yeah. Good times.


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