Jul. 23rd, 2007 11:26 am
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Book 7 is complete. What a fun ride the series was. Book 7 will be very interesting with regard to filming the movie. Lots of actors need to practice their death scenes now.

I was pleased with how it ended. I'll say no further.

From the Department of Overanalysis, some of the folks at the Volokh Conspiracy examine Nonideological Evil in the Harry Potter Books. Apparently, they are criticizing fiction for not having a realistic depiction of Evil. Comparing Voldemort to leaders of cults or countries, they felt that Rowling did not build a sufficient ideology that Voldemort used to guide his Death Eaters. This is a moderately interesting question, however, I feel that what Rowling did was sufficient. My reasons are as follows:
1. It is a work of fiction
2. I don't think the ideology is baseless. There was allusions to conflict between wizards and muggles back in the 1600s, were there not? Also, as indicated in various personal histories of the characters, witchcraft and wizardry was met with fear and disdain on the part of some muggles. I don't think it's far fetched to conclude that there are those wizards who feel a sense of disgust at muggles for their ignorance and weakness, as well as others who feel that there's a noble obligation to protect those who are meek with regard to magical powers.
3. Voldemort took advantage of this form of Xenophobia mentioned in 2 above. However, he ambition was driven by his poor upbringing, as well as his desire for power. He did not want to be limited with regard to magic and its use. He speaks of doing spells no one else has ever done. They were not done because some are morally objectionable. In a way, it's a manifest destiny: "I can push the limits of magic because I can, because I want to live forever, and the rest of the world can fear me at their leisure. But sooner rather than later."

In other news, Dexter is an awesome show. I am considering subscribing to Showtime this fall just to see Season 2. Also, I think there are other shows on there I will enjoy as well. But Dexter. I 'll probably finish the rest of the season tonight.
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[ profile] brittadotcom sent this too me, and it amused me. Here are some possible future Harry Potter books, thanks to Time Magazine.

My favorites:

-Hermione exposed to the wrong coven of Dementors.
-The sorting hat cussing.
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From the Leaky Cauldron via [ profile] brittadotcom:

This is a fun way to contribute to a worthy charity, folks. I'm quoting directly from the Leaky Cauldron news blurb(I did not reproduce all the hyperlinks, however):

There is a new charity effort underway in the wizarding rock community combining the love of two important things in our Harry Potter fandom, a love of great music and most especially, a love of reading and books. Lead by the group Harry and the Potters, they are announcing a new Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club, where you can buy some great wizard rock music from a number of different groups, and at the same time help charitable organizations get books into the hands of those in need. For a one time cost of $50.00 (USD), you will get 12 exclusive CDs of music, and the proceeds will benefit First Book, "a non-profit organization that gives children from low-income families the opportunity to read and own their first new books."

The list of wizarding rock groups in this effort are:

# Harry and the Potters

# Draco and the Malfoys

# The Hungarian Horntails

# The Remus Lupins

# Roonil Wazlib

# The Parselmouths

# Ginny and the Heartbreakers

# Remus and the Lupins

# The Fleur Delacours

# the Marauders

# Voldemort

and apparently Dumbledore himself

For more information, including how to sign up for the club, click here.
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[ profile] pacallissanctum shared this article about Rowling's interview regarding character deaths in the next Potter book.

I'm pondering who would die. Hagrid is an interesting notion. But I wonder if McGonagall might take a more potent stand in this fray.

Of course, I'm thinking Ginny will get it because Harry pushed her away to try and protect her, and I'm fairly sure she's not going to let him come between her and a tragic heart-rending death.

Anyway, I'm eagerly awaiting the final book. Then I can find a new fandom in peace.
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Hey, kids!

Ideally, I should have lived in a country that engages in siestas.

I'm sitting in a training class again, and I'm heading straight to the land of sawing logs unless you, the gentle reader, save me.

If you have the time, comment to my humble blog with something to think about, something funny, or something shocking (but no shocking pictures I might have to explain to my teacher).

In other news, I've been pondering my Harry Potter Party costume as well as hors d'oeuvres to bring to the party. I'm thinking of something involving mini yorkshire pudding casseroles, or canary creams, if I can swing it. For the costume...I think I could make for a rather fun Professor Umbridge. I could be pre-forest Umbridge for most of the night, and then once I've had too much butterbeer, I could hit the post-forest traumatic stress disorder Umbridge...
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Construction of the exterior of the mini-strip mall is complete. I estimate Peet's will be available in two months.

Oh, and T minus 24 days 'til Book Six!


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