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I am now home. A glance at the odometer tells me I have driven 254 miles today. It was a day of rushing. It was not a day of sitting still to be sure.

This morning I had to go to our San Francisco Staff Counsel Office to assist one of our new attornies with his new laptop. We have some security measures that make it quite challenging for new users, so I was happy to assist him with this configuration.

However, it was time consuming, and lots of little traffic issues made for a 3 hour trip each way to the City. I had no time for lunch until about 4pm. I was trying to get back home to the office before 6pm to take care of some things, but that didn't happen. Ah well.

At 6:30pm I picked up [livejournal.com profile] textivore to go see "Cloverfield". He scored free passes to see the preview in Davis tonight. But since I was running about 15 minutes late, we got there when the theatre was mostly full. Only front row seats were available for us.

Now stop for a moment while I impart this tidbit of information. I'm rather prone to motion sickness. Oh yes, I am.
Cut for Cloverfield spoilers or the easily squicked )

To summarize, I loved Cloverfield. It made me puke. Go see it. It's a love story!
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I finally saw Transformers. I will say, it was definitely a fun watch.

I was amused by the meaningful gaze between Bumblebee and Sam. And the fact that the autobots are sentient, it adds a little kink to the makeout scene at the end.

Still, I am immensely amused by this spoof on Supernews.
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Alright, if you're redoing a classic, like Phantom of the Opera, don't make the Phantom hot. Gerard Butler is 32 flavors of hot.

For your consideration:

This Phantom has the look that makes women say, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Terrorize my opera, please!"

Folks, this just isn't right. There's no way Christine would go off with Raoul. Sure, if 33% of the face is deformed, just keep that sassy mask on. I could totally work with the rest. The lips are fully intact. There is no way in hell anyone can appreciate the conflict for Christine. Furthermore it's not a leap for Christine to overcome the superficial deformity and unsavory tendency towards stalking and extortion when the Phantom looks like Gerard Butler.

Now, let's look back to a better time in film history where the folks involved actually wanted to help us suspend our disbelief:

Now, ladies, would you pucker up to this fellow? Regardless of whether he gave you voice lessons from behind a wall?

You give me voice lessons for free and look like Lon Cheney in this makeup, and the most you'll be getting is a hug and some free dinners.
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There are some geeks who are really getting pissed off at Blockbuster.

Apparently, he was told his plan wasn't changing--but it was, he was getting less for the same price.
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According to this dude, some Blockbuster Online users rates are going up...by 40%.

Anyone on my friends list experiencing this?

I sure do enjoy my Netflix membership.
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Tonight I'll be heading to the Crest with me ma to see Broken English starring Parker Posey. Tonight's 8pm showing is the last one in this theatre.

In other news, I think it's interesting to read the blog roundup from BBC News of Iraqi bloggers.

I'm so glad I live in America. But it's really sad when an Iraqi citizen travels to New Orleans and saw better disaster recovery skills in Hussein than Bush. That's just 50 kinds of embarassing.

For more news articles I found interesting, including Chocolate toothpaste, a new star discovery, and breaking the speed of light, go to my google reader shared page.
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Hey folks, it's coming out...on August 21st.

Being a proud Firefly and Serenity fan, I feel I must encourage anyone who has not yet seen the films to do so.

More information is available on SerenityStuff.com.

For information about what's new on this DVD, go here.

If you are also a frothing fan and low on funds (or just love a contest!), and want a chance to win a free copy of the dvd by helping to tastefully spread the word of the release, you can read about contest details on SerenityStuff.com.

So, pssst. Pass it on!
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Just yesterday, in a city about an hour north of Sacramento, an overpass collapsed (new construction) on a Fedex truck. The driver was only minorly injured, thank goodness. A construction worker was seriously injured. As far as tragedies go, this was a very fortunate one. Because the next day, in a shining example of the "It could be worse" doctrine, a bridge in Minneapolis collapses.

I was relieved to find that my friends in Minnesota were not involved in this tragedy. I certainly hope that the death toll doesn't rise any further. It was, however, convenient that the Red Cross offices were near the bridge. Talk about response time!

Despite my horror and concern for the victims in this situation, I cannot deny that I smirked when the civil engineer interviewed on MSNBC kept talking about the erection process. I wonder if there's some competition among engineers that if they are interviewed about bridges, they must try to mention the "erection process" as often as possible.

In other news, I was watching Apollo 13, which dramatizes how the Apollo 13 crew and mission control rose to the occasion and recovered from what could have been a very disasterous flight for the crew. Power issues, crew safety, Carbon dioxide filter made on the fly, they had quite a problem on their hands and they succesfully brought the crew home. I love this movie.

I started listening to the commentary of Jim and Marilyn Lovell (Jim Lovell was the command module leader). They sound like a delightful couple. I don't know if Jim Lovell's mother actually said this, but if she did, it's a great line: "If they can make a washing machine fly, my Jimmy can land it." What a cool ol' lady.


Jul. 8th, 2007 11:10 pm
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Has anyone seen "Once" yet? Have you listened to the soundtrack yet? Huh?

Your mileage my vary, but I found the movie and soundtrack quite good.


Jul. 4th, 2007 12:15 am
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In retrospect, I don't know why I didn't look forward to Ratatouille moreso than I did. After all, it combines Paris, cute rats, and cooking. Three things I love.

I really enjoyed this next Pixar installment. I might love it more than the rest.


May. 27th, 2007 06:25 am
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If you're looking for a fun, and yet thought provoking film, go see Waitress. If you're a Nathan Fillion fan, go see Waitress. I nearly cried in a few spots, but it was still very enjoyable and heart-warming. All the actors were magnificent.

Adrienne Shelly wrote and directed this movie. Sadly, she was murdered in November of 2006 by some construction worker. He tried to make it like a suicide. So, by seeing this movie, you are seeing her last creative endeavor. And she was delightful.

And Keri Russell has come a long way from Felicity.
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This morning, while I was languising in my bedchamber, I watched part of Queen Elizabeth I starring Helen Mirren. First off, I love Helen Mirren. Second, I love Queen Elizabeth I. How sad for a monarchy to have a women ruler before a democracy ever did. Granted, the United States wasn't formed by then. Even so, they still had Margaret Thatcher!

But I digress. Anyway, there is no doubt Elizabeth I led an extraordinary life. However,if there is any truth to Wikipedia's entry on her story, there was quite a lot of poetic license taken with QEI's tale in the HBO movie.

However, there were some good lines in the movie. One of my favorites, "...Women have forgotten more cruelty than men can remember!" Sadly, it's true.

An another, which is slightly paraphrased, I think, "Such is the great weakness of clear-thinking people. They always assume others think like they do."

This is generally the weakness of all people.
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So, in the past week, I saw three movies in theatres: Casino Royale, Dreamgirls and Night at the Museum.

This is a high number of theatre visits for me.
Cut for spoilers )


Nov. 5th, 2006 12:03 am
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Today was a fairly good day. I had a good drum lesson, saw The Prestige, and took care of some errands that needed tending to.

The Prestige was an engaging story. I'm sure it would be even more amusing to hear [livejournal.com profile] shimaera's perspective on the movie. According to the movie, there are three stages of a magic trick: The Pledge, where the magician presents an ordinary item to the audience. The Turn, where the magician does something to that ordinary object, and finally, the Prestige, where the magician brings it back. According to Wikipedia, The Prestige is a made up term.

I saw part of the ending coming, and was a hair's breath away from figuring out the rest. All in all, a fun film.

The rest of the day involved some running of errands, laundry, and quality goofing off. Tomorrow morning I work, and hopefully it will not take long.

Monday, I get ready for scheduling my root canal. The first appointment is with my dentist. He will validate that yes, my tooth is ripe for a root canal. After all, I can't chew on that tooth sans pain. However, the swelling has gone down immensely. Yay for antibiotics.

I'm catching up on watching the previous week's telvision shows.

-Veronica Mars: Nice 80s references. Though Mr. Microphone might have been pre 80, if I recall correctly. Maybe it was just in the early 80s.
-Battlestar Galactica - Still fantastic, after all these episodes. I'm glad Starbuck is starting to straighten up and fly right. Or so it seems
-Smallville - Jimmy Olson is waiting for the firm hand of evolution to shoo him off the planet.
-Heroes - Save the Cheerleader, Save the World. I'm tired of that mantra, now. I miss the days of far more illusive phrases or words like "Rosebud".

Oh, and in the previews before The Prestige, I saw a preview for Mel Gibson's latest movie, Apocalypto. What a terrible title for the movie. Unless it is some ancient Mayan term. Upon some investigation, it turns out to be a greek verb for "I reveal". Greek title, mayan movie. Now, I recall [livejournal.com profile] chaodai discussing this movie many months ago. While I think it's a less than favorable title for a movie, it is fun to say. But originally, the word "Apocalypto" made me think of Alpacas. Hence, Alpacalypto was born. I haven't taken the time to look for the original thread, but apparently I suggested a sequel as well.

As a result, when I saw the preview for Apocalypto, and saw this:
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It is time for hot lemming action, folks!

[livejournal.com profile] speakerwiggin has pointed this trailer out to me.

We can add this to the phobia series of movies, a la "Arachnophobia".

What movies do you think they will come out with next?

How about:
Mormon Missionaries on a Boat
Paranoid Schizophrenics in a Fun House
Irritable Bowel Conventioneers on a (broken) Elevator
Muslim and Christian Extremists and Lots of Cream Pies

Any other ideas?
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Without getting up he threw deadwood on the fire, the sparks flying up with their truths and lies, a few hot points of fire landing on their hands and faces, not for the first time, and they rolled down into the dirt.

Wow, what a difference being true to yourself makes. It's the difference between the stuff of good fiction and a stable, fulfilling and largely uninteresting existence.

Proulx' short story upon which the movie Brokeback Mountain was based is fantastic. Such finely tuned prose. There were some noticeable changes from short story to film, but they were insignificant. They really filled some characters in a few places which made for a little levity in the movie. Lee also expanded exposition of Alma's agony.
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I just returned from seeing King Kong. I'll put my thoughts behind the cut. Overall I enjoyed it. Mainly that's because I left my disbelief at the door. I did, however, not leave my disgust for creepy insects at the door. The following notes are steam of consciousness, so be warned.

The movie )

And practicality stays my hand. I must go tend to other things.


Jul. 26th, 2005 12:40 am
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Tonight I distinguished myself by making it a mile from my home before realizing I had left my purse at work. Oooh, I was so pissed at myself.

Upon arriving home, I worked out, and watched a two movies.

-Lost in Translation
-Ever After

I do so enjoy those movies. And yes, I suppose I'm feeling a bit in the mood for romances, lately.

Now to sleep.
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Work went productively. After work, I felt movieish, so I made haste to a nearby theater to see "The Island", starting Ewan McGregor (of the clan MacGregor, I assume. There certainly can be only one Ewan. purrrrr) and Scarlett Johansson. I enjoyed the movie, despite the fact that plotwise it wasn't all that exceptional. The action sequences were fun, though. It makes for a delightful escape from reality. Your mileage may vary, however, if you don't think Ewan and/or Scarlett are as solar-hot as I do.

The movie does bring up an interesting issue, however. There be spoilers here )


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