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I am now home. A glance at the odometer tells me I have driven 254 miles today. It was a day of rushing. It was not a day of sitting still to be sure.

This morning I had to go to our San Francisco Staff Counsel Office to assist one of our new attornies with his new laptop. We have some security measures that make it quite challenging for new users, so I was happy to assist him with this configuration.

However, it was time consuming, and lots of little traffic issues made for a 3 hour trip each way to the City. I had no time for lunch until about 4pm. I was trying to get back home to the office before 6pm to take care of some things, but that didn't happen. Ah well.

At 6:30pm I picked up [livejournal.com profile] textivore to go see "Cloverfield". He scored free passes to see the preview in Davis tonight. But since I was running about 15 minutes late, we got there when the theatre was mostly full. Only front row seats were available for us.

Now stop for a moment while I impart this tidbit of information. I'm rather prone to motion sickness. Oh yes, I am.
Cut for Cloverfield spoilers or the easily squicked )

To summarize, I loved Cloverfield. It made me puke. Go see it. It's a love story!
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Drum lessons were quite good. Now if only I would practice more regularly. But, I am getting better.

I made some Baklava for a gathering I'm going to this afternoon. I am pleased with it. I cut down on the sugar a bit, I used 3 parts unsalted butter to one part salted butter, and the nuts are a mixture of walnuts, almonds and pistachios (4:2:1 ratio of nuts respectively). I have packed the baklava and it is ready for transport. Done and done! I used clover honey. And I think I prefer using ground cinnamon in the syrup instead of just cinnamon sticks. I may have to try the ol' stick method again later to compare.

I fetched my alcohol and distilled water and mixed 'em up. Yes, that works great as an eye glass cleaner. I have made a bottle up to take to work for when I smudge my glasses there, and soon I'll refill the original bottle of cleaner I got from the optometrist when I purchased my last pair of specs. QED.

Now to go take care of some other things before I head out for the forseeable future.

I hope everyone is having a grand Saturday!
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My vacation is at an end; a new year begins.

Today was a good day.

I finished reading The Amber Spyglass. It was a fun little ride.

Now, to bed.
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I was able to take care of a lot of little things around the house this weekend, but I still have an assortment of tasks to do before my bro and sis-in-law arrive.

But I am feeling more pleased about my domicile. And I have yet to engage in a big give-away project. Which doesn't necessarily need to happen before Christmas. I just now have a plan.

Yes, I'm still hooked on Kindle reviews. Still so many people reviewing a product they don't own. Controversial products are fun. But the trend is there. Those who do own it tend to love it, except people who lack dexterous grace and end up pressing every kindle button imaginable when they pick up the device. Or people with strange issues like button fetishes. "Sony would make better buttons on their device."

Uh, yeah.

So go buy a Sony if you want better buttons that send frissons of pleasure through your body with every button press, freak. Maybe the Power Exchange will have a dedicated floor for you and your other friends who enjoy "button play".

Meanwhile, the rest of the Kindle users will use their device to read.
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Today I logged in my 150th visit to the gym at work. I will be reimbursed for my entire year of gym fees! This pleases me greatly. Sure, It's not like I'm going to be able to quit work and bang on me drum all day because of this, but it gives me some satisfaction.

I heard the author of this book interviewed today. I am very interested in reading it.

I'm sure there are countless books on DaVinci, but his accomplishments never cease to dazzle me.

My lust for the Amazon Kindle has increased. I don't really want to buy new books until I know where my mind is on the Kindle. So I won't be buying The Science of Leonardo just yet. And it appears people do have some success with pdf files. As well as word documents and .JPG and .GIF Files. My resolve is weakening. The good news is they are sold out. So gratification cannot be instant. Maybe, like a bad rash, my craving for this object will subside and I'll get over it.

Maybe not.

I was watching the second episode of season 1 of BSG and came upon the scene where we see Admiral Adama's book collection. Now that we have at least two ebook devices on the market that are easy on the eyes, I was amused that he still lugged around big ol' books. I can understand. Book are a pleasure to hold and to read...sometimes. Of course, in the BSG world, the value of those books jumped to huge proportions, since likely all written matter was blown up real good. Except anything that stayed around on Earth. Which they have yet to find.
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The silence of the neighborhood on this chilly Monday morning is a tad eerie.

I stayed up late last night, but got up around the same time I would normally be getting ready for work. The fact that this is no surprise does not assuage my annoyance.
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Although I'm not too thrilled about it being Monday morning, it is a rather lovely morning.

[livejournal.com profile] taogrl and I headed up to Grass Valley to browse a charming, large-for-grass-valley used bookstore. We had lunch at Cousin Jack's Pasties. I recommend the place if you enjoy pasties. Their Pumpkin Crisp dessert was also quite good.

The fall colors up the hill were gorgeous. I adore trees. Trees are at their finest this time of year, with various shades of green, yellow and red.

I acquired 5 books yesterday.
-A collection of Victor Hugo's poems (in french). The book was from the 30s. Not collector quality, but I get a kick out of old books.
-A nifty electronics handbook from the 30s that was in fantastic condition.
-A book on home brewing

Later, at a used bookstore in Roseville, I hit their First Edition shelf and got a first edition of Dick's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" and a first edition of John Irving's Memoir, "My Imaginary Girlfriend".

Okay, time for work.
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I put up some songs that I'm enjoying today on Pownce.

A song by Loudon Wainwright III and another by Nickel Creek. Check 'em out.

I also suddenly have 27 invites for Pownce, so iff'n you want one, send me an email in whatever fashion you deem necessary. (you can email me off my profile page)

Today's blow by blow summary :
-Woke up around 7 thinking it was a work day. Mainly because I think Maximus the looove cat thought it was time for me to get up. I thumbed my nose at him. Okay, well, I snuggled him, and then slept for another hour.
-Made coffee
-Practiced drums
-Attended drum lesson
-fixed a few fence boards in my yard.
-Poised weedy areas where I don't want vegetation to grow. I'm trying the Round Up 4 month poison. We'll see how it works.

Next stop, the local library.


Oct. 12th, 2007 12:23 am
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Today was comprised of a comingling of raucous laughter and things that pissed me off.

That said, on the whole, it was fantastic, simply for the reason that I left my car unlocked in downtown Sacramento and I had my laptop and ipod in the car.

Edit: And yes, nothing was stolen from my vehicle. That's what I get for posting when I'm too tired.


Sep. 14th, 2007 01:30 pm
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This is why Blu-ray is pissing me off.

A special edition of Robocop is coming out on regular DVD, but they are releasing the Blu-ray without those extras. At least so far. Maybe they'll change their tune. This after HD is able to offer a number of fun PIP Extras on their dvds. To be fair, there are a lot of older movies being released on HD-DVD that are meager on extra features, too. But nothing seems to coming out on Blu-ray, wherase 300, Heroes Season 1, and other movies are offering some fun special features.

In other news, my macbook magsafe power adaptor has shown signs of current overload and some melting of the cable just near the power brick portion of the adaptor. Not happy. But, thankfully, this is the first time I've had to replace my power adaptor. Still, I'm not pleased. And would you believe all the places near me are sold out? However, Serendipity is mine, for a Best Buy near an event I'll be going to out in Rocklin, CA tonight has it in stock.

Work is reasonable. We had a bit of a long meeting today, but there was much smartassery had behind the scenes. All was well.

I hope your Fridays are going well!
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Well, not quite. I was actually told to take a day off. Why? My annual leave balance is too high.


Well, I'll be taking a day off here and there, but I really must get to planning some more vay-cay time.

This morning I took care of some practical stuff, paid some bills, did some cleaning in the garage. I worked out a little bit, too care of emails. Very laid back.

I think an afternoon of reading is in order...as well as a few organizational tasks.

Of course there's this pull to waste some time gaming. But I'll resist it.
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I had a dream that it was later in the week than it actually was. Oh, what a rip off.

I hope [livejournal.com profile] reannon is doing well right now. Really well.
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Bertrand Russell
from Quotes of the Day
"If a man is offered a fact which goes against his instincts, he will scrutinize it closely, and unless the evidence is overwhelming, he will refuse to believe it. If, on the other hand, he is offered something which affords a reason for acting in accordance to his instincts, he will accept it even on the slightest evidence. The origin of myths is explained in this way."

I contend that sometimes overwhelming evidence may surpass the heads of some.

How is your weekend going? Mine isn't going too badly. I bounced around San Francisco yesterday. I love the Ferry Building. Next time, I'm bringing a cooler to house any perishables. And I think it will be fun to try the caviar bar.

I love the SF Moma. The Matisse exhibit was impressive, relaxing and thought provoking. There was a neat light display as well, but for the life of me, I cannot remember the artist who designed it.

Stacey's Books. It's a great indepedent bookstore on Market St. It's about 3 stories of bookaliciousness. So many books. I didn't buy any this time around. Maybe next time.

This morning and into the afternoon, I've been doing some work. Eeek. About 5 hours worth. Some of it involves running some queries on large amounts of data and waiting a bit. At least I was able to get some laundry done.

In the news

Sep. 7th, 2007 08:00 am
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First, from The Onion, "School Shootings Help Prepare Students for Being Shot in Real World". Heh. I'm sure it's quite true. Of course PTSD may be involved, as well.

So the Justice Department is saying that Internet Providers should be able to charge for priority web traffic. What does this mean, exactly? I'm already paying $50 or more a month for cable internet. Would I be charged more? It was mentioned this may affect educational entities more. I don't like the sound of it. Anyone have any more news on this?

Chinese woman found with 26 sewing needles embedded in her body. They think they were inserted when she was a baby by her grandparents who were upset that she wasn't a boy. Why did it take 31 years to address? Well the needles are now penetrating vital organs. Ew! And what great grandparents. I hope they are still alive so Luo Cuifen can "take care of her grandparents" in their final days. Just incredible.

In other news, I'm having Cable Card problems. The Tivo is deciding that some of my channels like Comedy Central and Sci Fi should not come through. FX, Style, Spike are a few other stations that don't "receive a signal".
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Yes, I changed purses this past Monday.

It took me until Wednesday to realize I didn't have my wallet in my "new" purse. Clearly, my purse transitioning skills suck eggs.

Thank goodness I wasn't caught speeding this week!


Sep. 5th, 2007 07:08 pm
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Tuesday went fairly well

I saw this and thought of [livejournal.com profile] chanharrison.

I'll be working some overtime tonight. Yee haw!

I'm working through season 4 of the West Wing. Still delicious for the brain! The most recent episode was the Election (second one). I love the jokes Toby, the President and Josh Lyman play with each other.

Now to get dinner goin', take out the trash, and get crackin'!
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I just returned from spending the afternoon at the California State Fair. I enjoyed browsing all the Fairesque stuff. The topper to the day was Weird Al's show. He did a fantastic job. He played all the favorites. Including donning the fat suit for "I'm Fat!"

Good stuff.

In other news, I'm lovin' Bioshock on the 360.

I'm glad to hear that the Dragonladies ([livejournal.com profile] reannon, [livejournal.com profile] ariedana, and [livejournal.com profile] kellinator) made it back safely from Dragon*Con. I look forward to hearing details!
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Yes. Who is Dale Limberhand. Limber. Hand.

In just a few short moments, if you haven't already done so, you will ponder if that name is real or fake.

Why? Because the case of Idaho v. Limberhand established a precedent that masturbation in an enclosed bathroom stall was within one's right to privacy. There's a little more here.

Yes, Dale Limberhand was arrested for obscene conduct after an officere observed him through a four inch hole in a stall partition...well...spanking the monkey.

So this makes me wonder: How many officers gleefully volunteer for the gay toilet sex beat?(pun intended)

Or is it a short straw kind of situation?

In other news, I saw the B Street Theater's production of "The Book of Liz". It was fantasticly funny. The play was originally written by David and Amy Sedaris. I will have to make some time to read David's books.
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...You'd be on your way to better things"

I'm really enjoying the Kooks.

The plumber came. My master toilet is better than it ever was. My new kitchen faucet is fantastic. I'm most pleased.

Work was reasonably decent. I arrived late due to the plumbing adventures of the morning. I made up for the time tonight by working an extra few hours. I have plenty to do tomorrow.

A friend informed me of this sassy new beverage that I'm reasonably sure I will not try. Unless someone else buys it and I can have a sip.

A few days ago I was excited about the prospect of Kevin Smith directing an episode of Battlestar Galactica. Perhaps it will not occur due to scheduling conflicts. *sigh*

I'm quite tickled by this educational movie on DNA from the Colbert Report.

Regarding Senator Larry Craig of Idaho and his little "bathroom habit", Thoreau of the "Unqualified Offerings" blog says it best when he says, "What a shitty way to flirt". So true, so true.

Tonight, I'm watching Superman Returns. It's great. James Marsden is on as Lois' second choice of a mate. Brandon Routh is good looking, but James Marsden is just...meow.

Then add Kevin Spacey and Parker Posey into the mix and I'm in fangirl heaven.

ETA: Is it me, or is there some of the worst hair ever in this movie? Clark has helmet head. Lex has nuttin'. Lois has hair that conjures the phrase "string cheese incident" to my mind.
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...No crack for me today.

Plus one more day of issues with the master bath toilet.

But seriously, the plumbing company was genuinely apologetic for goofing on my appointment. Tomorrow is a brand new day...in which they better show up.


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