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I approved of the finale of Dexter.

Now I guess I will now discontinue my premium channel subscriptions on Cable. No need of them for now.


Dec. 17th, 2007 12:23 pm
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Our Understatement of the Year Award goes to Chloe who said,

"Oh wow. I have the worst Secret Santa ever."
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Well, I know the writers are capable of doing more than this. I wonder if things didn't come off as magnificently because there was no way to really improve upon the writing.

Spoilers be here...
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Here's tonight's lineup:
7 - Futureweapons
8 - Weaponology
9 - Futureweapons
10 - You guessed it...Futureweapons
11 - Combat Zone
12 am- Weaponology
1 - Futureweapons
2 - Futureweapons

The military channel needs to mix it up a bit.


Oct. 22nd, 2007 09:59 pm
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Now as I watch Heroes, I know what [livejournal.com profile] lurkerwithout was talking about.

Now we need a side plot to find out how she manages static cling issues.

ETA: That said, I think heroes is starting to heat up. I think they like to start off slow and then boom! blackened red shirt.

Dexter is going strong, too.
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Pushing Daisies: Fantastic. Oh, and a faboo idea for what to do with plastic wrap!
Private Practice: eh. They're all so pretty!
Bionic Woman: Gooooo Sarah. Jaime, go to Good Liars Academy.


Oct. 15th, 2007 11:13 pm
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Tonight's Episode
Cut for spoilers )
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As anticipated, Highlander: The Source is as crappy as I thought. But it's got a cheese factor to it.

I'm so focussed on the movie that I pondered this question:

[Poll #1056044]
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Did any of you attend the BSG Q&A session?

Was this true?

Frakin'-A. I hope not (about splitting the season up into two 10 episode chunks).
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I'm running through my dvd discs of the West Wing. Season 2 has been on the menu this past week. I just started Season 3 today.

This series drives me crazy. I adore it. I would marry it.

Well, maybe not. I'm just sayin'.

Episodes like "Two Cathedrals" and "Isaac and Ishmael" are simply pure gold. Of course all of them are fantastic.
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Well, it's a busy day at the office, featuring running queries that have a little downtime for me while I run them. So, I leave you with this interview of Seth Green on NPR about his current project, Robot Chicken.


Jul. 23rd, 2007 11:26 am
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Book 7 is complete. What a fun ride the series was. Book 7 will be very interesting with regard to filming the movie. Lots of actors need to practice their death scenes now.

I was pleased with how it ended. I'll say no further.

From the Department of Overanalysis, some of the folks at the Volokh Conspiracy examine Nonideological Evil in the Harry Potter Books. Apparently, they are criticizing fiction for not having a realistic depiction of Evil. Comparing Voldemort to leaders of cults or countries, they felt that Rowling did not build a sufficient ideology that Voldemort used to guide his Death Eaters. This is a moderately interesting question, however, I feel that what Rowling did was sufficient. My reasons are as follows:
1. It is a work of fiction
2. I don't think the ideology is baseless. There was allusions to conflict between wizards and muggles back in the 1600s, were there not? Also, as indicated in various personal histories of the characters, witchcraft and wizardry was met with fear and disdain on the part of some muggles. I don't think it's far fetched to conclude that there are those wizards who feel a sense of disgust at muggles for their ignorance and weakness, as well as others who feel that there's a noble obligation to protect those who are meek with regard to magical powers.
3. Voldemort took advantage of this form of Xenophobia mentioned in 2 above. However, he ambition was driven by his poor upbringing, as well as his desire for power. He did not want to be limited with regard to magic and its use. He speaks of doing spells no one else has ever done. They were not done because some are morally objectionable. In a way, it's a manifest destiny: "I can push the limits of magic because I can, because I want to live forever, and the rest of the world can fear me at their leisure. But sooner rather than later."

In other news, Dexter is an awesome show. I am considering subscribing to Showtime this fall just to see Season 2. Also, I think there are other shows on there I will enjoy as well. But Dexter. I 'll probably finish the rest of the season tonight.
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Forget the fact that it was my mother who informed me that the Henry Rollins show was on the film channel. Yes, it turns out my progenitor is up on Henry Rollins more than I. Moving on...

I do enjoy his show, and now I know where his little film essays come from. (I never said I wasn't slow).

But in case anyone else was as out of the loop as I was, consider taking a peek at the show. He'll definitely have some perspectives that can start a conversation.

I also saw an ad for an upcoming series on IFC, premiering August 5th called the "Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman". Why am I looking forward to it? Laura Kightlinger created it, as well as stars in it. I often enjoy a lot of her work, so I'm looking forward to see what she does with this show.

In other news, I'm happy that season three of Dr. Who has started on Sci Fi network here in the states. And yes, I was too lazy to bitorrent the series in order to see it before it was aired.

I also understand that Torchwood will be coming to BBC America later this year. I'm just not sure when.

In other other news, Talledega Nights is rather amusing, in my opinion. Catch it when you need some fun humor. An amusing snippet:
Ricky Bobby: Are you asking me for a divorce?!?
His two sons, overhearing this: Yayyyy! Two Christmas'!
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I find that if I want tv on in the background while I piddle about the house, I enjoy Google's Current TV. One example is this amusing installment of Viral Video Film School.

On the more serious side, NPR has been broadcasting the World Affairs Council conference at Asilomar for the past few nights. I hope they make it into a podcast, because I missed the first one, and part of the second one. I'm listening to the third part tonight, but this material is worth a second listen.
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And so it ends. It feels as if they didn't get a chance to really end it.

Kristin from E! Online is not trying to keep our hopes up.

I will say that I loved the episodes, though.
Spoilerish )

How sad that VM's fanbase was not populated enough. But given he shows they are going with next season, they just aren't trying to appeal to quirky nerds. Ah well.

Enough of my fangirl ways. I hope everyone's Wednesday is going well!


May. 17th, 2007 11:59 pm
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So I guess Veronica Mars officially got the axe. What a shame. I really enjoyed the characters.

But, the good news is, less tv watching for me...so far.

As the great Lady Chablis said, "Two tears in a bucket, motherfuckit."

Now, in the Fall, I'm looking forward to the Return of Jezebel James. And there's Private Practice where I'll get my Chris Lowell fix. And there's actually living a life. Heh.

As the great Lady Chablis said, "Two tears in a bucket, motherfuckit."

And the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. Cheese and crackers got all muddy. (Yes, I'm chewing Orbit Gum, why do you ask?) Sandra Oh rules. Rules, rules rules!

I've been watching the Fallwell Fallout. I tell you, when someone was difficult to love while he was alive, it's so hard to be kind when they croak. Really hard. Until you let go. But if you're going to dance a little jig on his grave, you might as well just donate to his cause.

May the mislead and the misleaders find their way.

In other news, work today was good. It's been bad for working out at the gym, though. I've been able to get in 15-20 minute walks, but I've had a lot of work to balance, and it's good to accomplish challenging feats gracefully.

Some friends of mine received bad news of varying natures today. I think this world needs some extra positive mojo. So, for those of you who are dripping with hope and happiness, move along, you're fine. Keep up the good work! For those who are suffering setbacks, I will wish for better fortune in the coming days. For some good surprises. For many little magical moments that make you giggle as you walk down the street.

I should go to take a lesson from my cat: and go to sleep.Peek-churz )
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Sounds like there's more hope than before!

Last night's episode with Paul Rudd was fun. I won't provide any spoilers, but I found it entertaining. Rudd stole the show.
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I am nearly complete in my rewatch of Whedon's "Firefly". I watched the final episode in the series, "Objects in Space".

I am hard pressed to pick a favorite firefly episode, but this ranks up there. It strikes me as Whedon's most artful, most cerebral episode.
Spoilers, in case you haven't seen it yet and plan to )
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MSNBC is reporting that Alec Baldwin lost some custody opportunities with his daughter since he left an angry voicemail on his 11 year old daughter's phone.

First of all, it's rather humorous that he says, "...you have insulted me for the last time." Of course, he was so very wrong, because Kim Basinger made it public.

So, what do you think, gentle reader? I'm thinking that everyone's parent has lost it on occasion. I shutter to think how all parents if all their comments were recorded. In this case, we get one angry phone call. I mean, hasn't everyone's parent blown their stack at least once when the child is being disrespectful and/or mean?

It's a shame that it was made public like this. If Baldwin has a trend of being a lousy parent, that's for the courts to decide. Playing this out in the public eye seems quite petty.

So, parents: don't leave angry tirades on voicemail, okay?

On Angel

Apr. 20th, 2007 12:13 am
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That's it. My favorite episode is "Smile Time".

Oh yes. Hands down.


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