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(I forgot to post this this morning)
* 23:06 Watching Private Practice: Yes, if Taye Diggs walked into my house looking like he was beat up, I'd still attack him passionately, too. #
* 07:37 Yup. My house smells like delicious pork. I feel could yeti-sized pig right now. #
* 07:37 But noooo, I gotta save this goodness for the potluck at work. #
* 13:00 Potluck at the office. I'm beached; I'm stuffed. #
* 17:18 @ariedana: I'm thinking good, non-ear-ringing thoughts for you! Now I just hope your ears aren't burning... #

In other news:
-I'm excited to hear about Seth Rogen in Kevin Smith's new movie Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Seth Rogen seems to be the latest hot commodity in entertainment these days.
-Grey's Anatomy fessed up: Yes, it's High School with Surgery and a local bar. Or, is high school just like adulthood with E and cheap booze?
-Geek boys in game and comic stores are pretty funny. I guess they react as women might when they see a man in a fabric store.
-I hear Family Guy is going to be moving along without Seth Mcfarlane. Stay tuned for some really crappy Family Guys.
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* 23:59 All those years of giggling at the name flonase for a nasal spray. Now I have to use it. Flonase, I think I love you. #
* 17:07 New Rule: if you go by the nickname of "Buzzy" Krongard and your brother is named Cookie Krongard, you need to be incarcerated with a b ... #
* 17:55 Maybe I need to start reading Cormac McCarthy in prepration for the new Coen brothers movie. #
* 21:09 Assassin's Creed is in the hizzouse. #
* 23:06 Watching Private Practice: Yes, if Taye Diggs walked into my house looking like he was beat up, I'd still attack him passionately, too. #

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# 13:26 I am both proud and disgusted at productive capacity of my sinuses. I mean, I've got Rosie the Riveter in my nose, or something. #
# 17:12 The Good: I have a 5 day weekend coming up. The Bad, I'll probably need to work some of it. #
# 19:29 I'm home. There's dinner. There's Transformers in HDDVD. Wahoo! #
# 19:51 @ariedana: it has been said that to succeed, you need to be prepared to fail 9 times out of 10. Keep kickin' at the darkness until you ... #
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* 12:32 Today's a good day, though busy, and at times silly work-wise. But I'll take it. #
* 17:41 From Ain't it Cool News, writer-producer at The Office is picketing right now, effectively shutting down the show www.aintitcool. ... #
* 19:44 The Cuecat with www.librarything.com works great! #
* 19:48 Oh, I scanned 5 books with the cuecat and Librarything goes down. Coincidence? I think not! #
* 19:56 Last night's Robot Chicken was worth watching for V lovers #
* 20:36 I'm scanning all my rpg books into Librarything. I found some old character sheets, as well. Good times. #
* 21:46 I don't care what the Denny's commercial says, I'd sooner eat bad home cooking than eat at their restaurant. #
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* 21:14 It appears Blockbuster continues to decline: tinyurl.com/yr5cyr #
* 21:36 One of the things that cracks me up about Dexter is that the opening sequence shows him shaving, and still he has the Miami Vice look. #


Nov. 3rd, 2007 11:34 pm
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* 18:16 This football game is totally hosing up my cbs online schedule. My Tivo still thinks it's Entertainment Tonight that is playing. #
* 19:28 Now for some more soothing hot tea, and a book. The Book? Bad Monkeys by Matt Ruff. #
* 20:00 I must say, I dig Ani DiFranco. Of course I'm very late to the game on this. #
* 20:34 Ani Difranco songs I'm really enjoying: You Had Time and Both Hands #
* 22:52 I think I'm going to have fun playing with Librarything.com #

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Oh, and as I type this, Barack Obama shows up on SNL.

It's time for me to get some sick-b-gone rest.
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* 22:53 Sudafed and Motrin make for a great combination. I fully intend to bend this cold to my will this weekend. #
* 16:00 Tech support is at its most arduous when purveyed to one's parents. #
* 17:52 @ariedana: Yay for the homecooked meal! I made chicken soup, myself #
* 17:53 Boy, @ariedana was right. This Alabama team is doing a fine job #
* 18:03 @ariedana: you mean to tell me the lack of one quarterback makes you play like this? #
* 18:04 @ariedana: actually the score is tied...they aren't playing too badly #
* 18:13 @ariedana: Awww heck, why not just have a really good carrot cake for breakfast instead? #

So yeah, nothing too exciting.

In other news, [livejournal.com profile] ariedana pointed me to an informative video that Drew Carey did on medicinal marijuana.


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