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And so it ends. It feels as if they didn't get a chance to really end it.

Kristin from E! Online is not trying to keep our hopes up.

I will say that I loved the episodes, though.
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How sad that VM's fanbase was not populated enough. But given he shows they are going with next season, they just aren't trying to appeal to quirky nerds. Ah well.

Enough of my fangirl ways. I hope everyone's Wednesday is going well!

Blast it

Mar. 16th, 2007 12:45 am
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[livejournal.com profile] scarcrest has brought us bad tidings.

Veronica Mars is (or very nearly) cancelled.

That was my favorite show on the CW. If the rumor mill is true, they can kiss my grits. I hope another network is wise enough to pick up the series.

First Everwood, now this. The C and W stands for Clueless and Wankers.

Then again, they are probably running numbers, doing math, and reality crap like Pussycat dolls shows and American Idol are clearly more profitable. Well, not from me. But shame on the rest of society for their predilection for putrescent programming.
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Veronica Mars
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TV Roundup

Oct. 10th, 2006 11:41 pm
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I caught Veronica Mars tonight.
Spoilers on VM and Gilmore Girls )

By the way, I will neither confirm nor deny that I spent 2.5 hours playing City of Heroes with [livejournal.com profile] newbabel tonight. Or last night. Furthermore, I absolutely deny having been involved in the following dialogue:

A: Soon there will be wings.
B: I won't have wings for a year!
A: I know, honey; but you can watch my characters have wings.

And no, our characters are not shopping for feminine hygiene products.
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Season 2 arrived in my mail last week, so I'm rewatching the series along with the deleted scenes. I can certainly see why they opted to delete what the did on the first eight episodes. Despite that, they are fun to watch.

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In other news, I finished watching Season 2 of BBC's new Who. I'm done with the series just in time for the season to air properly on Sci Fi starting this Friday. Hee.

Is anyone else watching he Battlestar Galactica shorts on Sci Fi? Some interesting developments and a great way to say "here's what we did on our summer vacation."

This morning my sinus/cold/nasal alien invasion is putting forth a final volley. It seems like there was some final viral battle in my nose last night. This morning features an expulsion of the trappings of said battle. My nose is like a clown car, and the amount of stuff I'm fitting in my nostrils fills me with shock and awe (awe-choo, that is). Barring that, I feel great.
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So, here's a some thoughts for those who followed Veronica Mars this season:

spoilers for those who haven't seen it... )


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