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Sep. 29th, 2006 08:30 am
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I watched Bones...Cut for spoilers )

But now, I should get my arse to work.
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Cut for spoilers )

So far I'm enjoying the new series. Next week, it looks like we'll be seeing David Boreanaz in boxers. Hellooooo.
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Sam: Where did you get the bathrobe?
Assistant: The Women's Locker Room
Sam: There are robes in the women's locker room?
C.J.: Yes.
Sam: That's outrageous. There are a 1000 men here and only 50 women.
C.J.: And it's the bathrobes that are outrageous?
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So, here's a some thoughts for those who followed Veronica Mars this season:

spoilers for those who haven't seen it... )
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I knew it.

But that was one nasty road.


May. 22nd, 2006 11:53 pm
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Since [ profile] shaunathan mentioned that Veronica Mars Season One DVDs were on sale at Target, I purchased myself a copy. I've been getting a kick out of the episodes ever since. So, I made a few icons to celebrate.

The ear is feeling a bit better. My energy level feels a bit better, as well. The hearing loss doesn't feel as acute, and the ear doesn't feel as stuffed. However, when the music dies down, I know I'll hear the ringing commensurate with a fine ear infection.
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Minikiss, the little people Kiss tribute band.

But wait! There's Tiny Kiss.

That was surreal.


Apr. 29th, 2006 10:08 am
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I have caught up a bit on my television I missed while out of town.

All hail the Tivo.

My brief thoughts, without significant spoilerage:

Veronica Mars: Damn you, Logan.
Gilmore Girls: Yay, Rory!
Dr. Who: Aww geez. You made me cry in my coffee. Then my cat tried to get all affectionate. Now I have a tear-stained, furry face. Thanks a million, you bastards.

Now to get dressed and ready for drum lessons.

My new toy has arrived. I'll tell you what it is later. :-)

My destiny this afternoon shall be the Scottish Games.

I'll be sure to unpack my adjectives for that one.
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You know the History Channel is hitting rock bottom when they are doing a history of toilet paper.

By the way, did you know that Robocop teaches literature and fine arts at Syracuse University? Well, on a guest lecture basis. He was on the History Channel discussing roman history this evening, and represented as a professor at Syracuse. Go Peter Weller.
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Satisfaction is:
Late nights with Dr. Who on Sci Fi (via Tivo, of course).
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Dear McD's Ad Team,

McDonald's: Wake up and smell your life?

What kind of slogan is that? You're trying to tell me spending your morning at a McD's drive-thru is life affirming? I suppose it is, but it's not an attractive truth.
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Friday, March 17th.

Dr. Who premieres on Sci Fi.

Please make a note of it.

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I was working out at the gym today and saw and advertisement for Oprah's show tomorrow. I didn't hear the audio, but it was about women who sleep with a LOT of men. And keep lists of those men. Some women were up to 90 men folk. Sure, not Wilt Chamberlain proportions, but quite a number.

The very next commercial was for Sleep Train Mattresses. I don't know if they do business outside of Sacramento, California, but they are everywhere here.

But what a perfect act of product positioning! If you're running through men, your mattress is bound to show some wear and tear. It's nice to know Sleep Train is there for you....and your transitory sex partners.
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Well, just one: Hah!


Jan. 26th, 2006 11:00 pm
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Okay, your boyfriend tells you that he needs to tell you something important. He takes you to a cave, transports you to his ice-castle and proceeds to fashion an engagement ring out of coal he's compressed with his own fist and fused onto a simple gold band.

[Poll #660961]
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So, while unpacking tonight, I made the mistake of turning on my television and not seeking entertainment more to my liking. The channel was on NBC, and Fear Factor was on. The challenge? Spin your partner on a wheel and where she stops determines the type of kamikaze haircut he or she will receive. There were mohawks, bald patches, etc.

The guys, of course, were nonplussed. The women were freaking. One in particular. Now, if I'm going on fear factor, getting my haircut would be the least of my worries. I mean, it will grow back. Until it does, you put on a hat and when someone looks at you funny, you say "I was on fear factor!". 'Nuff said.

Here these women were, previously wrything amongst or eating bugs, and a haircut was freaking them out. Puhlease. What a disappointment.
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Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica commences this Friday!

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After getting home from work, I had some time to goof around with importing music tracks from over the internet and adding them to tracks in a music project in Audiodesk. Now that I know how to do it, I think it will be rather easy to collaborate remotely. Now I need to work on learning more about music recording. I'm going through the manual and learning about microphone placement, etc. Since I don't yet have a micrphone pre-amp, nor do I have 8 microphones, I think I'll settle with four mics for recording my drums.

So yes, I must get to know my equipment more. It is the Holiday season, so I also need to be social and work on acquiring gifts and the like for loved ones and friends. So the "getting to know my equipment" time will be slow going for the next few weeks.

While goofing around with said music tracks, I caught Smallville and Everwood.

Smallville reminded me of the plot of Cage's The Family Man, where he wakes up with a full family combined with the timeless classic, A Christmas Carol. The writers gave us a gift of what "happily ever after" would feel like in Smallville, for things are going to get hosed from here on out.

Everwood was an interesting episode. Bright's transition from being bonehead womanizer to caring and nurturing boyfriend is amazing. But then again, it meant he finally got to see Hannah naked. So good thinking, kiddo.

Veronica Mars last night was also a good hit of TV addiction. I didn't realize people in high school got summoned for jury duty, not to mention being nominated as the foreperson. Good grief.
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"Let me tell you about a patient. A patient we'll call...Fusan."


Nov. 14th, 2005 09:43 pm
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[ profile] scarcrest gave those on his friends list the hookup for simple yet fun Veronica Mars icons. Some of them are hot off the presses from last week's episode, like this one. Those who don't watch Veronica Mars will probably think I'm into guys with nice arms, a folded magazine for a head, and a penchant for argyle apparel. Believe what you must.

In other news, Sascha is expressing an interest in the great outdoors after 3 years of not giving a good gosh darn. Fortunately, he doesn't run far, but there's something in the bushes outside my home that he fancies. I hope it's not a dead body.


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