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I'm trying to be good about keeping track of the wines I drink and whether or not I liked them and why. Of course, I'm not a sommelier, so my reviews will lack pretention and refinement. Rather than use the points system that Wine Spectator uses, I'll use a rating system of how many glasses I'd drink, assuming I didn't have to work the next day. I'll go with a five glass rating. However, if I really like the wine, then I'll use the DOMA* rating.

Rating: 3 glasses out of 5. I liked it. It was, predictably, good with steak.
Grapes:Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot
Cost: $14 (at Costco)
Winery: Peter Lehmann from Barossa, Australia

*Doma: Drunk off my ass.
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So Francis Ford Coppola is selling collector Magnums of his wine.

In particular, a Magnum of Syrah that has a dvd of Apocolypse Now Redux on the base of the bottle (apparently a functional DVD!). The label is from a scene from the movie.

Now, initially, this sounded fun to me. Of all the pretentious names you could dig up for a varietal like Syrah, and you go with Apocalypse Now. I totally think LaHaye should come out with a series of Left Behind Wines. You know, the wines we'll all drink when all those annoying people go up to "heaven". Incidentally, I wonder if they will really be led to the Soylent Green factory. We'll drink and say, "Finally! We've been *hic* left behind! Who brought the weed?"

Sadly, to have an Apocalsip of the Apocalypse Now wine, I need to pay $225 dollars. Maybe I'll get a membership discount, but that still puts me at two Benjamins.

So, I think I'll pass. Until I don't. If I can ascertain that it will a)age beautifully and b) become quite valuable, maybe I will buy it.
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Roshambo Winery's 2005 Carignane, aka "The Rat".

I enjoyed this wine. It had a very light flavor, relative to the Merlots or Cabernet Sauvignons. It's on the fruitier side of red wines. I'd definitely get it again.
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I shall recap the weekend's events:
I still had the schpilkus in my sinus cavities, but I'm still largely and functional, and don't feel fully sick, just mildly perturbed by post-nasal drainage and a red nose. After work, [livejournal.com profile] taogrl came over, she watched some soccer with me, and we made reservations at the Pickwick Hotel in San Francisco for when we go view the Folsome Street Fair. I have no idea what will happen to us there, but if anyone ends up being flogged by some testy leather daddy, it better be [livejournal.com profile] taogrl. Hopefully no one will hit a girl with both glasses and a digital camera.

After that, we went to Dos Coyotes and had dinner. I was starving. I scarfed my nachos. We returned home and watched Battlestar Galactica. Lucy Lawless was on. Lucy Lawless!! And she had her full on aussie accent! She rocks.

2am Saturday Morning Felt violently ill. Great. Lay around trying to pass out again in the hopes that the feeling will go away.
3am Saturday MorningStarting to feel nauseous. Body begins purging maneuvers.

By 6am, I had purged the the demonic food from my body, and I felt much better. Fortunately, no dry heaves, unlike previous experiences. I was glad. The cats felt safe enough to come cuddle me and I passed out for 1.5 hours. By 7:30, it was time to get up, get dressed, and pick up S to go to the wine country in Napa. Despite feeling tired, I felt pretty good. I was able to hold down some soy milk, to boot. Yay for speedy recoveries.

The rest of the day was gorgeous. We visited Coppola's Winery, walked around in his movie museum, caught some rays. I need to download my pictures. I ended up joining his winery's wine club. First shipment will arrive in November. Next trip was to V. Sattui, where S had not had a chance to spend much time before. So we tasted everything. She acquired their Muscat and their Madeira. By then, we shuffled off to Dean and Deluca, then off to the Culinary Institute of America's restaurant at Greystone. The dinner was delightful. I had the salmon that was cooked on a cedar plank, with a bacon and cheddar orzo. Wilted spinach was served on the side. I sampled a three Napa Cabernets, as well. Trinchera and Whitehall were my favorites.

K and SC drove up from Sacramento to join us, and we had a lovely, leisurely dinner. We returned home by 11pm at night. I was bushed by then.

Sunday is still forming, but I did manage to get up and take a 4 mile jaunt. I have been walking past the area where Peet's will be, and they look like they are close to a grand opening. Furniture is there, the sign is up, the counters and shelves are in. All that remains are a staff, the merchandise and bam! Show time.

Yes, I'm a Peet's fan.

As I've been writing this entry, Maximus has been draped across my shoulder, requiring many cuddles and nuzzles. It's cute as hell; terrible for my posture.

Alright, time to carry on with my day.

Napa, etc.

Aug. 21st, 2005 10:45 pm
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I spent the day in Napa with S. We had a grand time. We began our adventure at 9am and acquired some green tea at Peet's Coffee and Tea. Then onto the road. S was established as the iPod Jockey and she selected the tunes for our drive. By 11am we hit V. Sattui for a brief tasting and acquisition of picnic food items. We did not linger, here, for we needed to make our 12pm appointment at the Di Rosa Nature Preserve. (The link there is not working currently, for some reason.
On the Preserve )


Jul. 28th, 2005 12:30 am
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I had a long day at work today: 9am 'til 8:30pm. Then S, our corporate planner, who was also working late, wanted to do dinner, so off to Tapa the World we went. One bottle of wine and four Tapas later, I'm home, buzzed, and content. The wine was Castell de Remei Gotim Bru 2002. Not a bad wine. I've had it before, but had forgotten.

Today was a day of delays and yet beneficial productivity wise.

Now, I could go to sleep and get a good night's rest, but now I'm in the mood to watch Gross Point Blank.

John Cusack. Mmmmm.

This weekend proves to be busy with work. On top of it all, I got an invite to go to San Francisco for the day.


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