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It's about time I post about this, but I've been remiss in traditional posting activity for a while.

My friend [livejournal.com profile] brittadotcom has an amazing talent at throwing Halloween parties. Actually any party she throws is amazing. I've been to a handful of them. Over the years I've attended some of her Harry Potter parties and a Star Trek Murder Mystery party. She's turned her apartment and now house into Hogwarts Castle! Her ideas are amazing! Some of her ideas have been featured in other books like An Unofficial Muggle's Guide to the Wizarding World.

After years of people finding her website via serendipity and loving her ideas, she has finally put her ideas into book form. If you want fantastic ideas for throwing fun halloween parties, I suggest you check out her book, Eerie Elegance.

Her book contains recipes, crafting and decorating ideas. And yes, I will be purchasing my copy shortly.

Check out the pictures on her page! Yes, that's her house...in suburbia! I wonder if her neigbhors have come over and asked, "Heeeeey, lady! Our neighborhood wasn't zoned for a creepy foggy cemetary" ?

Intrepid halloween party hosts and guests, go forth and buy this book!

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] brittadotcom, I ran into someone at Dragoncon who recognized me from your website because he and his wife used ideas for a Harry Potter party they threw. Yes, indeed. Hot Small World Action. They loved your ideas and their party was a great success!
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