Jul. 15th, 2007 12:43 am
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Today involved miscelaneous housechores, a hair appointment, grocery aquisition, and baking.

I acquired a Bluetooth GPS Logger to play with. It makes it quite easy to log my movements and overlay that data onto Google Earth.

I logged my mundane driving path today. Here's what it looked like.

[ profile] taogrl, remember how we talked about doing walking tours? This can track our route. There's other neat things you can do, like add point of interest pictures. Fun stuff.

Kermit Roosevelt's Counter Coup is an interesting story on the behind the scenes skirmish to maintain British Oil interests and gain US Oil Interests in Iran in the 1950s. More on that later.

Anyone care for a Pownce Invite? I have 6 to share. [ profile] ariedana graciously sent me an invite this morning.
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Well, I'm trying to hold off something...still have post nasal drainage, but I'm not out of commission, yet. There is definitely the sinus sensation, however.

I made some shredded chicken this weekend. I am now a fan of trying to make various shredded meats to eat throughout the week. I simmered 4 chicken breasts in chicken stock and and a blend of cayenne pepper, serano chilis, garlic, onion, cumin, salt and pepper. I've used it for chicken tacos, chicken quesadilla, and now I took the rest and made an enchilada casserole out of it. 'Tis baking right now.

I could easily do this again, but more of a chicken marsala and I could put it over pasta or rice. Or a shredded bbq chicken.

I'm feeling lazy yet again. A new House is on tonight. I've got plenty to read, some drum practice to do--this year I'm going to dedicate myself to daily practice. No more slackin' off.

Well, not as much, anyway.

I hope everyone's evening is going well!
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I awoke this morning to a slightly raw throat. The one someone gets with excessive post nasal drainage. I'm feeling a bit wrong in the sinuses, with an unsavory runny nose to boot.

So, it's time to drop some Airborne, and other vitamins, as well as some sudafed.

I'm watching the Asia channel on Comcast and there is some show about a South Asian Swimsuit Calendar.

Last night was spent watching an episode of Six Feet Under, drum practice, and some more reading of Bill Moyer's Genesis.

I found a new Podcast from Pandora on some music recording and some basic music theory stuff. I think for a beginner, this is a pretty cool thing.

[ profile] zonereyrie is reporting on Tivo's booth at CES 2007. For those who are interested in the Comcast/Tivo collaboration, check it out.

Time to get ready for work.

How's your day going?
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So, the Tivo Series 3 is cooking with gas, despite the forboding comments by the cable installer. Let us hope the good fortune there persists.

The other cable box in my bedroom, however, is hobbled. I thought it was my tivo. Turns out it is due to my cable box not being registered properly. It died two days after the install. I called Comcast tonight and the tech noticed, "uh, I see you are being charged for a cable box, but we don't have the serial number in the system. Your cable box isn't going to work."

So, she tried to get the s/n entered into their mystical comcastical system, but it wouldn't take. A technician is coming out on Saturday to swap the box.

In other news, I hit home depot and acquired some new shelf pegs that look quite sturdy and a new drill bit that would drill holes for the pegs. I drilled new holes for the shelves and my entertainment dvd storage is back in business. There was much rejoicing. Furthermore, I'm THRILLED I didn't drill through the boards entirely, as that was my fear. I don't trust myself with drills. No sir! Not one bit. (pun intended)

Starz is showing Life Aquatic. I haven't seen that. On the tivo it goes for me to watch later!

In closing, today was a fantastic day, aside from the fact that I had to surrender my life of leisure and rejoin the land of the working again.

Tomorrow is a brand new day.
weaktwos: (Bad day) woman's vacation dies.

Back to work today. Time to plot for the next vay-cay.

Of course, it's a Tuesday, and it feels like a Monday. So follows the bittersweet emotions that reconcile a 4 day work week versus having your internal clock on the fritz. Though one could get used to a 4 day work week again. Sadly, those days are over at my company.

I hope everyone else is having a marvelous Tuesday!

To Do List:
-Make hair appointment
-Schedule annual run-in with the stirrups and speculum
-Go to Home Depot and look into shelf pins and appropriate drill bit. (Yes, had an interesting shelving issue this weekend with the shelves over my tv.)
-Troubleshoot bedroom cable. Tivo S3 is doing great. It's the bedroom tivo that lost video.

But before all that, I should actually get dressed for work.
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It's a cold, lovely morning in Elk Grove, CA.

I don't know where they stuck the thermometer for reporting Elk Grove Weather, but I think they put it in the freezer. It's reporting 28 degrees. Good God, that can't be right.

I am about to bathe and get ready for work.

I made a rum cake last night for work. I just smelled it. Rum Cake huffing could very well become an addiction. I have to get a small gift for the gift exchange today.

I just played with the cats for a bit, and I get no end of amusement from knowing that Sascha has an absolute favorite type of mouse. Doesn't matter what color. I think size and shape are of significance. I can throw other things around the house. He doesn't just run after any toy. But this particular mouse, he loves. I flung several cat toys across the room. Finally I brandished the favored mouse, and Sascha mewed and churped at me. I revved up my tossing arm and Sascha's head followed the orbit of my hand. Finally I released and Sascha shot off like slower, domesticated cheetah after his prey. Faux prey.

What a cutie.


Dec. 14th, 2006 07:35 am
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Well, a few miles southeast of where I live, PG&E is having problems with a gas leak. The road is effectively closed for the next six hours. So, if anyone wants to huff natural gas, go there.

Xbox 360 lust is creeping into my veins. Bad. And I just got my Christmas bonus. On the other hand, prices are supposed to drop after the holidays. Hmmm...On the other other hand, Costco has some nice bundles that effectively save money on lots of accessories. I should wait. I should. Yes, I should. Maybe. Yes. No. No! Yes! Way! No Way!

Self: You are not allowed to enter Costco until after Christmas!
Inner Child: But I'm sure I need to get a half-ton of essentials, like toilet paper and detergent. and an Xbox 360.
Self: It looks like we have plenty here.
Inner Child: I need batteries!
Self: in addition to these rechargeable ones here?
Inner Child: rats!

I sent an email to Comcast last night to consider carrying LinkTV. It's a really neat television station. I was watching their World Music show last night and there was a lot of fun music from Colombia, Tunisia, France, and other countries I forgot to note because a) I missed the video title info and b)I couldn't understand a word they were singing. One looked like it was from a Muslim country, with women dressed in clothes that covered their heads and bodies fairly well, and since it had subtitles, I knew that the chorus is "this love is not a means, and nor is it a game." There was also reference to the Prophet. What was interesting is that most of the people had more olive complected skin, but the lead singer was beyond white.

Of course, I already received a canned response from Comcast. So, if anyone else who has cable wants Comcast to receive an interesting television station that brings world events and culture to your door, Check out and send Comcast a letter asking them for it!

Tomorrow [ profile] rubbrduckage are supposed to take a little trip to Apple Hill. [ profile] taogrl will not be able to have the day off, sadly. Fun should be had, though. Later that night, [ profile] rubbrduckage's husband's band will be performing in Davis. I'll be attending that, and perhaps R will be able to make it as well.
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I was driving to my medical appointment and was "rocking out" to Dixie Chicks' "Taking the Long Way". I was so absorbed that I missed my turn and did indeed take the long way.
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Ahhh, the morning after Thanksgiving.

Black Friday, for some.

I love the battle of wills between my desire to stay warm and cozy in bed on a lovely winter morning versus the desire to be a good employee and show up to work on time.

Sascha is in favor of me staying home; he just jumped on my chest for a snuggle.

Alright, I'll get up. I will, I will!

In other news, I fixed my Tivo last night and now I can resume my morning habit of turning on Rubgy to walk myself up in the mornings. My problem can best be described by a line from Raspberry Beret: "she walked in through the out door". But instead of in doors and out doors, my problem was with input and output jacks.

I hope everyone is enjoying their day!
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The election results were rather interesting.

From a straight "ra-ra-Democrats" perspective, it was a good night for the Democrats. What it means for us remains to be seen. But Massachusetts got it's first black governor, and the House o' Reps got its first female speaker of the house. This means we're closer to the day when gender and race won't be a big deal when it comes to public office, proving that you can be a partisan asshole regardless of race or gender. I get all moist-eyed thinking about it.

I'll ponder this further, but for now, I need to bathe and get to work. Sascha-cat woke me up in the wee hours of the morning engaging in some verbal pissing match with a cat outside my window. I'm glad he's not an outdoor cat. I've never had an attitude problem when Sascha meets new cats in the confines of a private home, but there's a cat out there he really wants to beat down.
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I awoke this morning feeling like it should be later in the week. I was slightly sad to know it was only Tuesday. Of course, I feel this way because I worked on Sunday all day, so I feel robbed of a weekend.

Now, it's time to go do my civic duty and vote.

I'm glad I took my home phone answering machine down. It saves from political cold calls. The NRA was bugging me a few times the other day.
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Stage 1 of the root canal is complete. I go in for my next appointment next Monday at 10:30. Right now I'm in a Starbucks waiting for the novacaine to wear off before I venture into the office. The upper right side of my mouth is inoperable. The sensation drives me crazy. But if it means I feel no pain while the dentist drills into my tooth, files out my dead nerve and plugs it back up again, so be it.

I had to get some gasoline this morning, so while I was doing my thang at the pump, somebody pulls up with the most annoying R&B music playing. Is it just me, or do the people who pump gasoline while their stereo is blaring only R&B fans? Well, when I turned to look, it was a fellow on a motorcycle that was causing the ruckus. really ,radios on motorcycles should only work on ear plugs. Sheesh. The fellow looked like Isaac Hayes, and he had a leather jacket that said "Suga" on the back.

The feeling is slowly returning to my right side of my mouth. Each tooth feels like it's waking up. One in particular is going to be very unhappy, soon.

In other news, I have some troubleshooting to do with my old series 2 Tivo. I turned on the tv the other day and got no signal. Black screen, with updated schedule info. I thought it was a problem with my direct tv. so I unplug stuff and start plugging it back in. I get satellite signal, but I can't get a clear picture, now. It's like a hybrid of the tivo screen and the direct tv signal. I've tried reseating connections and moving things about, but no love. I'll start over again tonight perhaps, but I'm concerned that the RL V inputs for my tivo are failing.
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Ugh. I feel so sluggish. Exhaustion is currently resting like heavy weights upon my brow. I sit here in the San Antonio airport, awaiting my flight home.

This week was an informative one, and I'm quite tired as a result. But the prospect of being home gladdens me considerably.

I hope y'all are having a marvelous Friday!
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Yes, kids, it's a lovely Sunday here in Sacramento, CA, and I'm at work. I've been in this state of productivity since 7:30am this morning. That means I got my arse up at 6am to slink into work by then. Oy. While I am not a morning person, it is cool to see who else is up on a Sunday morning. Furthermore, the there are no lines at the coffee shop, which is a bonus.

My Saturday was enjoyable. It involved playing music, noodling over writing a song with the Nutwalls, playing city of heroes, and doing stuff around the house.

I have another 4 hours here at work, I fear. I'm having some lunch, currently.

So, your mission, gentle readers, is to tell me how your Sunday is going. Hopefully you folks are having a good day, because I want to live vicariously through you.

So, what are you up to?
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Today's plan features goofing around with the drums and making crab cakes.

In particular, I will be making coconut crab cakes.

Crab Cake Recipe from Food Network )

But I also wanted to try a sweet/spicy sauce to go with these crab cakes as an alternative to the Coconut Basil Mayonnaise. I surfed the net and couldn't quite find a recipe that spoke to me, so I winged this part entirely. We'll see how they go with the cakes later.

Here's what the experimental sauce consists of:
1 cup of water
1 cup of sugar
1 mango, pureed
1 jalapeno pepper, pureed
1 tablespoon lime juice
1 tablespoon shredded coconut

So, I pureed the pepper and mango together, then mixed all the other incredients together with the puree in a saucepan and boiled it for about 15-20 minutes until the sauce was thickened. When I tasted it, I had the desired sweet 'n heat combo I was looking for. The spice isn't overpowering, in my opinion.

I'll actually make the crab cakes later on. If the band gets together tonight, I'm bringing that. If we don't, guess who has a lot of crab cakes at her house?
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750 Things Mr. Welch can no longer do in an RPG.

Yesterday was a busy day. Didn't get home 'til after midnight.

Today proves to be busy again. And then tomorrow! But, as was the case on Wednesday, I'll be having fun in the evenings. Sunday proves to involve overtime.

As the days near to October, I find I will officially be 35 in a few weeks time. Beware the Ides of October. Do I have anything planned at this juncture? No. Though someone's trying to convince me to have a threesome with liquor and a hottub. That's not too wise, but me in a hot tub sounds just fine.

So, how is your day going?


Sep. 26th, 2006 02:02 am
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I'm up too late again.

How did I get here?
-worked late at work.
-stopped at the grocery store
-had dinner
-played city of heroes
-watched more of s2 of Veronica Mars.
-played city of heroes
-had a phone conversation
-learned some chinese on Chinesepod. Consequently, my cats heard strange sounds come out of my mought as I tried to pronounce xiexie, woa hen hao, and other words.
-did research on Tmobile SDA phones. I'm getting frustrated with my nokia 6600. I see an upgrade in my future.

But tomorrow, I'll be feeling a bit crusty. Bad Anne. Bad.

Hey, what the hell is Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip doing on my tv? I tivo'd it so it's not like I need to watch it now. What am I, retarded? Don't answer that.
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I think I'm finally licking this sinus/cold thing. I'm feeling pretty well today, minus the occasional "tooting of my nasal horn", if you will. This weekend has been spent largely recouperating, as well as taking care of some laundry, bills, etc.

Plenty of cuddle time with the cats has been featured. They are cute as ever. There's been a little City of Heroes action as well.

Some musical purchases have also been made. Remember when I said I was lusting after the hand snare and that I couldn't find a place that sold it? I was full of malarkey, smoking rope, dazed, confused, or all of the above. Atlanta Pro Percussion in Smyrna, GA sells the snares! So, ahem, 17 Jacksons and a Hamilton later, I have a Remo Mondo Snare headed my way.

For you Lost Fans, are you checking out Lost Radio? It's quite possible I'm the last to know of this, since I'm late to the Lost fandom. It's a radio show put on by [ profile] kaidysoft that airs on Thursday nights. She has a weekly contest where themes related to the show are given, and people submit songs they think suit the themes. This week's themes are: the Monster and Relationships. You can see the weekly contest at the Fuselage. I enjoy it because it's a way to learn some new music, or remember some old good stuff. DJ Kaidy does a fine job on the show, as well. You can listen to past episodes on the Lost Radio site.

I hope your Sundays are going well!
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First off, National Atlas is a fun site. You can create all sorts of interesting maps about the United States.

Second, today was on the rough side, albeit largely successful. I got some sort of sinus headache and allergy action going on. I came home, promptly took a 50 minute power nap, while my cats snuggled up to me, then was able to be up and running.

Third, while playing City of Heroes, it's really fun to walk up to the other female in your party who looks like she's undead and ask, "Say, Pink Raven, do you ever have that not-so-fresh feeling"?

Fourth, as many of you commented, today is the fifth anniversary of 9/11. My thoughts on this )
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First off, the Sacramento Food Cooperative in Elk Grove is still losing money. This saddens me. This puts the whole Food Cooperative in jeopardy. I'm very sorry to see them having troubles. I'm also sorry to see that apparently Elk Grovites aren't in a position to support such an endeavor.

However, on the plus side, if the Co-op tanks, the new Nugget will go up near my house.

Second, Arnold Schwarzeneggar is catching some heat for referring to a colleague's hot temper being related to her latina and black heritage. Some Democrats are making a flap out of it. Also, some newspapers are representing his statement a little differently, such that it appears he called her "hot". Regardless, I think we have more important things to criticize our politicians for than flippant stereotypical remarks said in closed quarters. I would be more concerned at criticising him for policies that might be prejudicial. Oddly enough, the woman about whom he said that comment isn't upset. Granted, she's a Republican, but how totally anticlimactic. I'd much rather see her go "West Side Story" on his ass than someone like Phil Angelides.

Finally, Elk Grove is working on plans to add 72 more miles of biking and jogging trails throughout Elk Grove. Of course, this may take 5 years, but I think that's rather cool. A freeway crossing over 99 is in the plans, too.

Today's reading included Episodes 821-823 of "Batman Detective" by [ profile] kingofbreakfast and the first part of "Identity Crisis". Great stuff. I'm amused by the appearances of the Riddler and Poison Ivy. Identity Crisis is rather gripping, as well.

I also read up on some work stuff today. I'll have to hit the ground running when I return to the office. I have a new project, and two existing ones which will be time consuming.

My cats have enjoyed my presence here at home this week. They are getting in lots o' cuddle time.

Elonka Dunin's "Secret Code Puzzles" has been amusing me, too. Good brain teaser action. Though I'm only in the easy cipher section so far. I'll get to the key ciphers later.

I'm finding ways to ignore ABC's 9/11 movie so I don't sit and fume.


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