Oct. 11th, 2006 11:22 pm
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Another fine Lost episode.

Spoiler alert )
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I think I'm finally licking this sinus/cold thing. I'm feeling pretty well today, minus the occasional "tooting of my nasal horn", if you will. This weekend has been spent largely recouperating, as well as taking care of some laundry, bills, etc.

Plenty of cuddle time with the cats has been featured. They are cute as ever. There's been a little City of Heroes action as well.

Some musical purchases have also been made. Remember when I said I was lusting after the hand snare and that I couldn't find a place that sold it? I was full of malarkey, smoking rope, dazed, confused, or all of the above. Atlanta Pro Percussion in Smyrna, GA sells the snares! So, ahem, 17 Jacksons and a Hamilton later, I have a Remo Mondo Snare headed my way.

For you Lost Fans, are you checking out Lost Radio? It's quite possible I'm the last to know of this, since I'm late to the Lost fandom. It's a radio show put on by [livejournal.com profile] kaidysoft that airs on Thursday nights. She has a weekly contest where themes related to the show are given, and people submit songs they think suit the themes. This week's themes are: the Monster and Relationships. You can see the weekly contest at the Fuselage. I enjoy it because it's a way to learn some new music, or remember some old good stuff. DJ Kaidy does a fine job on the show, as well. You can listen to past episodes on the Lost Radio site.

I hope your Sundays are going well!
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After watching Season 2 of Lost, I realized I had a Lost moment recently.
Spoilers, if you haven't seen S2 yet )


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