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I found the Iowa Caucus results rather satisfying. However, I arrived too late to see the speeches and...dumbass me...I forgot to tivo them. I shall have to correct that.

In other news, it's still stormy here. Various cities outside of Sacramento are contemplating distributing sandbags. Hopefully they won't be needed. I loves me some rain, but not that much rain.

Holy Moly!

Feb. 2nd, 2007 07:34 am
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MSNBC is doing non-stop coverage of the Tornado in Lady Lake.

I hope my Floridian friends are doing okay. And I certainly hope it dissipates quickly, but the weathermen are freaking out. F2 tornados. Sheesh. More like an big "FU" tornado from Mother Nature.

I guess when I go into work, I'll find out if my company is launching a catastrophe team.
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Just as I signed up for flood insurance, certain parts of California go under flood watch.

I took my friend C out to dinner for her birthday. We went to Lucca, which was delicious. The drive home was neither savory nor sweet. The winds were eating umbrellas for breakfast followed by rain-soaked citizenry for dessert. As I fled into the safety of my automobile, I knew I was in for a treat.

The drive home was a white knuckle ride. Thousands of gallons of water were orbiting the earth through Sacramento at altitudes of about 10 feet. Or, if that analogy was not sufficient, perhaps the phrase "horizontal horse piss" will convey the experience, if not tickle your alliterative bones.

Visibility was lacking and therefore craved.

I tried to take a photo to capture the moment, and this was the best I could muster.

I could tell other drivers were experiencing the sort of discomfort that could only be carried on the ample wings of impending doom. In storms like this, windshield wipers serve more of a decorative purpose, accentuating the futility of person versus storm.

As for myself, I thankfully remained unscathed. Except my face is sore, mostly from being frozen in this configuration while driving home:

And now I'm safely huddled in bed, very glad to be alive.
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We're getting a fine spot o' rain in these parts. It's been a steady rain since about 4pm yesterday. It sounds like several hoses are running in my backyard.

I took a peek out my windows and I do not yet appear to be floating away.

I love the sound of a good storm, though. Let's just hope it doesn't wash any of our local residents out of their homes.

Now, 5am is, in my view, "before God gets up". SO I'm going to try and go back to sleep.


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