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So, what are you saying? So, what are you saying?
While at my mother's house, I caught a glimpse of this product from our local Raley's/Nob Hill stores. I know what their intent was, but I think this product has amusing connotations.

What will Focus on the Family say about this product!?!
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Bedhead: I must have slept well Bedhead: I must have slept well
One of life's forms of free entertainment is the state of one's hair when one wakes up in the morning. Today, I was greeted with this configuration. It looks like a bit of "My little unicorn" on the front and in the back and a little bit of "Dead or Alive Lead Singer Hair" in the back.

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Herb Garden, Week One Herb Garden, Week One
Here are two containers of herbs that reside under my window sill. Thyme is up front, then Cinnamon Basil, then Parsley (Italian), then Oregano at the far end.
Herb Garden 2, Week One Herb Garden 2, Week One
Another photo of the herbs, but with a different focus.
Sascha On the new Cat Tree, featuring pink poofy thing Sascha On the new Cat Tree, featuring pink poofy thing
Nothing says springtime like brandishing a pink puff over the head of your beloved feline.
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Here's [livejournal.com profile] taogrl, checkin' out the hotties presumably on the other side of that fence.

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[livejournal.com profile] taogrl took 160 down south and took some photos. It was cold, windy, and a bit rainy, so we didn't take our time, per se.

Here is a shot of Courtland. Downtown Courtland, I presume. You see the market on the end,then an Alcoholics Anonymous chapter, then a restaurant. What you don't see is the Lord Church.
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Today the sky over Sacramento was largely akin to a big white fluffy blanket. Talk about a whiter shade of pale.
Click here for the photo.

My office has a nice view of downtown Sacramento. The skies have been lovely this week.

Click here for the photo.
Yes, the Downtown Sacramento is certainly not up to Chicago or New York standards. But I find it cute.

I'm testing out Filmgold's client for iPhoto exports to livejournal. I'm not pleased with the free version. I hope livejournal does, as it has indicated, get someone else to create a better product.
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Surfer, and seemingly surfing seagull.

All this, and no editing the photo whatsoever!


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